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September 21, 2016

Future students are keen to see what it’s really like to study at Sussex. And the best way for them to find out is to show them what current students get up to – and for that, we need help...

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“Bee Informed” – but not by this propaganda


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April 26, 2016

Pop in to your local Homebase, find the long aisles where the plethora of garden pesticides are arrayed, and you will now find glossy leaflets prominently displayed with a picture of a bumblebee on...

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Are you making use of your web space?

IT Services

IT Services

April 13, 2016

Did you know that anyone with a Sussex ITS username can set up a personal website on the University’s servers..? Look – I did it. Take a look, as it gives some suggestions as to what...

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A Look at Linux … part 1

IT Services

IT Services

March 2, 2016

Q: What do Amazon, this fridge and the Hadron collider have in common? A: They’re all run on Linux. We all know that one person, right? That one person who has more computers than they ...

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PA55W0rDs ar3 Ch@ng!ng

IT Services

IT Services

February 26, 2016

The wisdom is simple; a strong password is a long password (and more rhyming fun later in the post). That’s why, from February 24 2016, new ITS passwords created must be ten characters or m...

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Room wanted Mature female MA student looking for quiet studio on campus, or peaceful flat on nearby bus routes (no sharing, thanks). Respectful, non-smoker, excellent references.
Contact:, 07940 761174

For sale Samsung S3520 LAPTOP. Good condition, couple of scratches. Few keys rubbed off. The battery life decent, lasts up to 3 hours. CD drive working but has to be manually opened as no casing. Freshly reformatted (Windows 7). 6GB RAM, i3, 750GB HD. £100

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Latest tweets about the University

Absolutely love Sussex uni 🎉

RT @SussexUni: We are ranked 18th in The Times and Sunday Times University Guide and continue to be top 20 in all UK league tables……

RT @SussexUni: We are ranked 18th in The Times and Sunday Times University Guide and continue to be top 20 in all UK league tables……

What is self-efficacy? and how can it be achieved? #failure #psychology #sussexuni #studentarea -

Karen Houghton of Mason Hayes to give the second Mason Hayes lecture at the University of Sussex this week.

I'm at University of @SussexUni in Falmer, East Sussex

Research participants wanted

Participants needed for an ONLINE STUDY looking at the relationship between Mood and Impulsivity! At the end of the study you will learn how impulsive you are and you’ll get A CHANCE OF WINNING £25! You will be asked to assess how you behave in different situations, what your preferences are, and what mood you are in. Some questions ask about your alcohol and other drugs use. The study is completely anonymous and takes about 30 min to complete.
Full details…

PAID RESEARCH: We are looking for Spider Phobics to take part in some exciting research! You'll be paid £5 for a 35 min study where we'll ask you to rate an on-screen spider animation and watch 20 mins of TV (The Big Bang Theory)! To participate you must: - Be aged between 18 and 35 - Have normal colour vision - Have normal or corrected to normal (glasses/contacts) binocular vision - Have never suffered from a squint - Have a genuine fear of spiders
Full details…

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National Student Survey (NSS)

In your time at Sussex, you've lived, learned, studied and changed. Now what will you pass on to those following in your tracks?

Visit the NSS website and have your say

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