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On neonicotinoids and impartiality in scientific research.


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January 16, 2017

Last week my group posted online a lengthy review of new evidence (post 2013) relating to the possible risks posed by neonicotinoid insecticides to the environment: “The Environmental Risks of...

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Gaining work experience as a first year


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January 6, 2017

As a first-year student, you’re relatively new to your course, never mind the world of work, which can make landing an internship difficult. In order to guarantee your future success in your sec...

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How are websites built to compliment business goals?


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December 14, 2016

My girlfriend has recently been doing some extensive research into beauty and aesthetic clinics as she wants to treat herself to a beauty treatment. As a result, I’ve been exposed to a lot of di...

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The gene which codes for a smaller frontal lobe is more likely to be passed on


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November 21, 2016

There is a gene which codes for the size of your frontal lobe, and this gene is more likely to be passed on. This happens because when your frontal lobe is smaller you want fewer things, since dopamin...

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The impact of frontal lobe damage on the environment


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November 21, 2016

1 Introduction When neurons in the frontal lobe are destroyed three things happen: the person wants fewer things, the person wants these things with greater intensity and the person will get bore...

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❄🌀☁☁ #foggy @ University of Sussex

As if my offer from Sussex Uni has been changed to unconditional 😨

@dindinlala P

@MLC_Research Oh, for late modernism... #beyondbrutalism…

RT @Mobil1Sussex: Today we welcome more Year 9 students from @VarndeanSchool to an electronics workshop! @SussexFirstGen #sussexuni

A superb set of coastal erosion & other resources from Uni of Sussex #ukedchat #geography…

Research participants wanted

I am Chuxue Liang and a third year student at the University of Sussex. I’m looking for international students as participants to complete an anonymous online survey about international students’ acculturative experiences. The study highlights the experiences of international students about their residential life, daily dietary, language, socialisation, and religion.If you are interested in taking part, please visit: Thank you for your help!! Chuxue Liang
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£15! PAID RESEARCH! We are looking for participants for an fMRI study. The study takes an hour in total with 30mins scanning time. All participants will be paid £15. Participants must be aged 18 and 35 years, right handed, have English as their first language, and have no dental braces or metal foreign bodies (including immovable piercings).
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