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Nakedness Disgusts



December 18, 2014

The recent incidents in Nairobi where some women were embarrassingly undressed in public by some matatu gangs for what they termed scant dressing has made me write my views on the relation between nak...

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Law Ball, getting too close to your housemates, last week of term


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December 10, 2014

We made it! We're on the home stretch of first term and I can't wait to go home and reap the home comforts for 6 weeks! This last week has been really eventful, I'm writing this nursing a wine hangove...

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Christmas at university


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December 10, 2014

So because uni finishes early for Christmas it's always a bit strange to be celebrating the festive period by the end of November. Christmas at university involves buying cheap dodgy decorations and a...

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Confessions of a wannabe QC part 8


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December 8, 2014

I always thought that awards ceremonies were cheesy. You watch the Oscars and, when the winner's announced they always look that perfect balance of elated, deer in a headlight, close to tears but just...

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GUEST POST - Scavenging in Kenya, Then and Now by Lucy James



December 2, 2014

Rubbish is a perennial problem for politics. On a practical level it requires a significant amount of coordination, organisation and expense on the part of local councils. A great deal of urban pla...

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Definitely. 'Researchers at the University of Sussex found that reading is a more effective way to beat stress tha…

@RossIronfield @andrewtwist90 nice production and uplifting. I would say tho,u could replace Sussex with another uni in this.

uni app done to Sussex, Salford, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol, just gotta wait for my reference now

Cute letter from Sussex uni, getting far to excited about moving out and moving on with my life 👌

RT @Arjo_Ghosh: Thx to @FatSand for a great job on the new film: University of Sussex. Sussex is…

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Volunteers older than 30 years needed for vision science - earn £10 for only 50 mins of your time. Requirements: we are only looking for people who don't have synaesthesia and are older than 30! We aim to investigate a) if synaesthesia represents different functioning pathways in the brain, and b) whether these differences are found only in particular forms of synaesthesia, or if they are universal to all forms.
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It is an online questionnaire studying how adults evaluate two possible decisions in a hypothetical scenario, which would take about 10 - 15 minutes to complete. All participants will be entered into a prize draw of £25. The winner will be notified by email around Easter. I hope that you will take part in the study. If you have any enquiries about the study, contact Alex Chan Alex
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