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A Review of 'Changes to the Legal Profession'


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March 9, 2018

Now I have never wished to be a solicitor, I have never taken an interest in commercial awareness. For me, it has always been the Criminal Bar. However, I found myself with an hour free on Monday 26th...

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ReConnecting Art


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February 20, 2018

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Education Summary, University of Sussex 2013 - 2017


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February 9, 2018

MSc Project Management 2016-2017 Advanced business & project management; Applied soft systems methodology Project front-ending Value creation and network orchestration ...

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Taking Science To The Public Is Addictive -"DNA detectives" at the 2018 Brighton Science Festival.

Alison J. Sinclair

Alison J. Sinclair

January 25, 2018

My interest in science was fed by occasional documentaries and the hands-on activities at The Science Museum and Natural History museum. Accessible information is now available on every platform, but...

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Seven Sisters - Our work in Nairobi

BMEC Student Experience

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July 26, 2017

While in Nairobi the Seven Sisters carried out some recruitment work on behalf of the school and university. This work included a University of Sussex Open Day within the Uniserv Education offices, a ...

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RT @ws_forum: Sussex MBA Scholarships for International Students at University of Sussex in UK, 2018

RT @Girl_by_the_Aga: @PascaleScheurer @Autism Jessica Eccles at Sussex uni has been doing some research and I think there are some other……

RT @ruthx_95: Sussex uni: protests about pensions and equal pay Brighton uni: protests about the closing of our favourite night club

@heidistephens @jo_morrin My daughter went to Sussex Uni about 15 years ago! She is now living in Cape Town SA expe……

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RT @inabster: @pufpufpafpaf @mrkmrkmoh @meNabster @sitizen_girl @shaistasalam1 @phrvrak @dr_capone @SohailBobby…

Research participants wanted

Free will study We are looking for healthy volunteers with no history of psychiatric or neurological conditions, to undertake research exploring the interaction between bodily signals and free will. You will paid £15 for your time. To take part you need to: be aged between 18 and 30 years,have no history of psychiatric or neurological conditions,be right handed,have normal vision (including with glasses). This research is ongoing until summer 2018
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First you will watch six short episodes of a sitcom over 1-2 weeks at your own home. You will then be asked to take a short test about the shows you have watched. A few days after this test, you will be scanned at the CISC while you look at picture and short video clips. You will be reimbursed £40 for the total time to complete the study. If you are interested, we can also give you a picture of your brain. To participate you have to be a right-handed native English speaker.
Full details…

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