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Taking Science To The Public Is Addictive - Time-line for the planning of the public engagement activity “DNA detectives” at the Brighton Science Festival.

Alison J. Sinclair

Alison J. Sinclair

January 26, 2015

T minus 12 months. Informal discussions were held about the main content of the activity – decoding the genetic information stored in DNA to generate proteins - and the costs and time commitment...

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Biodiversity v Intensive Farming; Has Farming Lost its Way?


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January 16, 2015

[This blog was posted as a guest blog on the Journal of Animal Ecology website, 16 Jan 2015, duplicated here for those that check my Uni blog] Modern intensive farming produces plentiful, cheap food ...

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Confessions of a wannabe QC part 9


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January 6, 2015

Suddenly, things got very real. It's like someone just turned up the gas underneath the saucepan I call 'The Bar' and now, things are moving so fast. It's 2015, the holidays seemed to pass by in such ...

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January 5, 2015

During one of my many field visits to XXX School in Nairobi, I had an interesting experience. I thought it better to share and get opinions from the others who get a chance to read this. As part of a ...

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GUEST POST: The Politics of Decay in a Nairobi Council Estate by Constance Smith



December 22, 2014

The Politics of Decay in a Nairobi Council Estate On 14 May this year, an article appeared in the Nairobi News with the headline “In Comes Chinese Money, Out Go Eastlands Estates”. The ar...

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Very topical debate tonight organised by the Activists and Academia Forum at Sussex Uni with a Friends of the...

RT @ASteroidHit: Why not visit the Egyptian Room? Specialities: KEBAB, VINE LEAVES, AUBERGINES, HOMOS, EGYPTIAN COFFEE. (Wine Press, Sussex University)

Among the things i will miss the most. #realitykickingin @ University of Sussex

RT @legomarie: This looks fascinating “INTERSECTIONAL ENCOUNTERS” - One day symposium @ Uni Sussex 06/03/15, CFPS & details:…

Keynote video for EARLI 2015 by Prof. Jane Oakhill, University of Sussex. Check the conference website for the...

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