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Commit to Get Fit - Late start!



After getting back from a holiday in Crete, in which I indulged in rather a lot of moussaka and too much raki, I decided to jump on the 'Commit to Get Fit' waggon and start to do something to lessen the damage.

What Crete did teach me was how it was good to keep hydrated (lessens the hangovers!) and that salads can actually be quite amazing; although granted, we were blessed with the finest Greek tomatoes, picked straight from the vine, compared to the bland orange affairs that you find nestling in the salad aisle in Sainsburys.  So that's what I've decided to incorporate into my CTGF programme: more exercise; more water and more fruit and veg.

So whilst all my colleagues are entering into week 2 of their CTGF, I'm coming to it all a bit late.  I already am a gym member and enjoy the odd H.I.T and Step class with the lovely Ria - as well as the odd bit of Zumba, which is so fun, it doesn't feel like it should even be legal, let alone good for you!

I had been looking to try my hand at some of the taster sessions on offer - trampolining looked fun and had heard good things about Power Hoop, but found, to my disappointment, that most of the classes I had my eye on had already been booked up.  So, I think that next week I'll try getting in early, or book from the usual menu of classes, but maybe try something new...

After my first week, the fruit veg and water thing has been going pretty well.  I'm definitely over my 5 a day - whereas usually I see a packet of crisps as a step in the right direction!  I even tried my hand at making a low-fat vegetable moussaka, which was pretty yummy, if not particularly authentic!  Also I've been drinking over 2 litres of water and haven't even had any sneaky glasses of wine after work!  All good for my first week and looking forward to week 2...

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