BMEc walk to Lewes and Shinong stepped in a cowpat...



So yes! This week the BMEc Commit to Get Fit Team went for a two hour hike after work on a lovely Wednesday afternoon. After constant checking of the weather forecast to see if it would be raining we decided to ignore the changeable results.


It turned out to be a fantastic event!

We started from the Jubilee Building and crossed the bridge near the Swan to get to Falmer Village. And even though all of us have been living in and around Brigton for couple of years, we didn't know Falmer Village has such a stunning view!

 Falmer Village

From there, our Lewes local guide Emma guided us all the way there.


We were lucky to see some lovely bunnies on our way there. The lovely grassland proved to be very welcome for 7 strangers from the university and we did (un)luckily encounter some cowpats and me, perhaps the one who is most unfamiliar with British countryside accidentally stepped into one. Well, that’s not too horrendous.

Some more photos of beautiful countryside and commited BMEc people:

Group Photo

From left to right: Ola, me (Shinongalong), Emma and Georgie. The yellow dot far away is James, Juliet and Ollie.



The town near us was Kingston. Since we started our journey, we had a bird’s eye-view of many towns around, Lewes, Peacehaven…

Nearer town


A few minutes before 7pm, we arrived at our destination – the Swan Inn in Lewes and we finished with a pint at the end. Yayyy!




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