Update: Star in our online prospectus! Thank you for your responses so far, but we still need more!



Thank you to our fantastic students for helping us out and providing some excellent comments about your courses for the new online prospectus.

The prospectus is almost finished but we still need your help. We are still missing comments for some of our courses and would love to get as many quotes from our students as possible.

If you would like to star in the online prospectus for 2017 and are on one of the courses listed below, get in touch!

We are looking for comments from you about your time here which will help prospective students understand what it is really like to study at Sussex.

You can talk about what you particularly like about your course, how the facilities have helped you study, and anything you have enjoyed while studying at Sussex, such as field trips, projects and studying abroad. 

To help you, we have put together an online form, where you can answer questions about your time here and submit it directly to us.

If you are successful, we will contact you and ask you to supply a head and shoulders photograph to go alongside your comments in the online prospectus.

It is a great opportunity to tell us what you love about Sussex and inspire prospective students.

We still need comments from students on:   

American Studies and Film Studies BA
American Studies and History BA
American Studies and Politics BA
Anthropology and History BA
Anthropology and International Development BA
Anthropology with a Language BA
Art History and Film Studies BA
Art History with a professional placement year BA
Astrophysics MPhys
Automative Engineering MEng
Automative Engineering with an industrial placement year MEng
Automotive Engineering BEng
Automotive Engineering with industrial placement year BEng
Biochemistry MSci
Biochemistry with research placement MSci
Biology with research placement MSci
Biomedical Sciences MSci
Biomedical Sciences research placement MSci
Biosciences with a foundation year BSc
Business and Management Studies with professional placement year BSc
Chemistry and Drug Discovery MChem
Chemistry with Summer Research Placements MChem
Computer Engineering (with an industrial placement year) BEng
Computer Engineering BEng
Computer engineering with an industrial placement year MEng
Computer Science BSc
Computer Science with an industrial year MComp
Computing for Business and Management BSc
Computing for Business and Management with an industrial placement year BSc
Computing for Digital Media BA
Computing for Digital Media with an industrial placement year BA
Computing Sciences with a foundation year BSc
Criminology and Sociology BA
Drama, Theatre and Performance BA
Ecology Conservation and Enviroment MSci
Ecology Conservation and Environment with research placement MSci
Economics and Finance BSc
Economics and Finance BSc 
Economics and International Development BA
Economics and International Relations BA
Economics and Management Studies BSc
Economics with professional placement year BA
Education BA
Electrical and Electronic Engineering with industrial year abroad MEng
English and Art History BA
English and Art History with a study year abroad BA
English Language and Literature BA
English Language and Literature with a year abroad BA
Finance and Business BSc
Finance and Business BSc
Finance BSc
Finance with professional placement year BSc
French and Spanish BA
Games and Multimedia Environments BSc
Games and Multimedia Environments with industrial placement year BSc
Genetics BSc
Genetics MSci
Genetics research placement MSci
Geography and Anthropology BA
Geography and International Relations BA
Geography with a Language BA
History and Philosophy BA
History and Politics BA
History and Politics BA
History and Sociology BA
International Business with a professional placement year BSc
International Relations and Anthropology BA
International Relations and Italian BA
International Relations and Sociology BA
International Relations and Spanish BA
International Relations with a language BA
International Relations with French BA
Italian and Spanish BA
Law with a Language (with a study abroad year) LLB
Law with a Language LLB
Law with American Studies LLB
Law with International Relations LLB
Law with Media LLB
Law with Politics LLB
Law with Politics LLB
Marketing and Management BSc
Marketing and Management with professional placement year BSc
Mathematics and Finance BSc
Mathematics and Finance BSc
Mathematics and Physics MMath
Mathematics with Economics BSc
Mathematics with Economics MMath
Mathematics with Finance BSc
Mechanical Engineering (industrial placement year) BEng
Music Technology BA
Neuroscience MSci
Neuroscience MSci
Philosophy and Sociology BA
Philosophy, Politics and Economics BA
Physics with Astrophysics MPhys
Physics with Industrial Placement year MPhys
Politics and Philosophy BA
Psychology with Business and Management BA
Psychology with Clinical Approaches BA
Psychology with Cognitive Science BSc
Psychology with Criminology BSc
Psychology with Economics BSc
Psychology with Neuroscience BSc
Psychology with professional placement BA
Sociology and International Development BA
Sociology and Media Studies BA
Sociology with a language BA
Theoretical Physics BSc
Theoretical Physics MPhys
Wellbeing and Social Care BA

Submit your comments to star in our online prospectus

Thank you! 

University Web Team

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