Alison J. Sinclair's blog posts for 2018

Taking Science To The Public Is Addictive -"DNA detectives" at the 2018 Brighton Science Festival.



My interest in science was fed by occasional documentaries and the hands-on activities at The Science Museum and Natural History museum.  Accessible information is now available on every platform, but where do the youth of Sussex get to join in with hands-on activities?

The Brighton Science Festival.


Just under three weeks to go until ‘Bright Sparks’ weekend full of hands-on activities at the Brighton Science Festival.

 And we get to join in!

 The ‘DNA Detectives’ - a group of researchers, students and faculty from the University of Sussex School of Life Sciences will be extracting DNA from strawberries and making models of viruses with 100’s of young people.

 Thank you to The Royal Society for Biology for sponsorship.

 Thank you to researchers, students and faculty for their time.

 Thank you to Brighton Science festival for giving us the opportunity to have fun undertaking this important outreach.