Confession time: I have failed miserably at meeting my Commit to Get Fit goal of 30 minutes exercise a day. Our points system has also highlighted the difficulties of eating my 5 a day (I’m a vegetarian! It should be so easy!) and my seeming inability to do anything in a mindful or relaxing way. Out of a possible 99 points I have scored a fairly disappointing 48. I think the message this week is that I need to STEP IT UP. If the Misfits get beaten by a wannabe Bowie tribute band I’ll not be happy so as team captain I am going to try and set a better example.

This week got off to a good start at Boulder Brighton last night, where a group of intrepid Commit to Get Fitters tackled the climbing walls under the guidance of friendly expert Tom. The only bouldering I’d done before was on and around the tors of Dartmoor with a friend at university, which was fun but I had to borrow some shoes that were far too small for me so the abiding memory is one of wedging very painful feet into rock crevasses observed by some confused looking Dartmoor ponies.

This was very different, and not just because the shoes were comfier. Boulder Brighton is a big indoor space with hand and foot holds on every wall, cleverly colour coded so that you can pick a route that fits your ability. We gradually worked our way up from green to pink/black on a range of surfaces, some overhanging and others that you could climb right over. Once we’d been shown how to do it we were free to tackle any wall we liked, and the crash mats meant that as long as you don’t fall awkwardly you won’t get hurt.

I was worried that my lack of upper body strength and general flexibility would mean I was a complete failure at bouldering but it didn’t seem to matter and I got to about the same level as Chris, who regularly does classes with terrifying names at the Sports Centre in his lunch break and didn’t burst out laughing when the instructor told us to do a couple of press-ups to warm up. I would highly recommend bouldering to anyone – it’s fun, doesn’t require a high level of fitness, and you can noticeably improve in one session.

Bouldering at Brighton Boulder for Commit to Get Fit

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