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Commit to Get Fit is over and I think the biggest change it’s made to me is that at the start of May I never thought I’d be sad to see the end of a month dedicated to health and exercise. I have really enjoyed the month’s challenges, not just feeling fitter and making time for a break in the day but also meeting staff across the university and spending time with people in my own team outside of the office.

We kept up the pace until the end of the month - in the last fortnight we've done Egyptian Dance, frisbee, running, football, trapeze, Charleston, fencing and yoga. A highlight for lots of people was badminton, coached by our very own racquet master Janet France. We even recruited Paul’s baby, proving that you’re never too young to get into sport, even if she was more interested in chewing the racquet.


The Widening Participation team playing badminton

Jacqui and I went to a yoga class last week, which I was a bit apprehensive about as it's not something I've tried before and I am distinctly un-bendy. I would love to improve my flexibility so I’ve been interested in trying a class for a while and I enjoyed it so much I plan to make it a regular fixture. Karen is a really encouraging instructor and everyone can work at their own pace and to the best of their ability. I think it’s something I could gradually improve at, which feels really positive and who knows, I may even achieve my dream of being able to touch my toes one day.

As we entered the final week of Commit to Get Fit last week people were starting to think about making longer-term changes once May ended.

  • Karen: It’s the first year I’ve been able to get involved with Commit to Get Fit and although my initial motivating factor was not letting my team captain down, I’ve really enjoyed participating. I’ve tried lots of new things (Egyptian dance, trapeze, Charleston, fencing, pilates) and realised that I’ve probably left it 30 years too late to take up the trapeze but Charleston and pilates are 2 things I plan to carry one with. I’m also looking forward to Friday badminton sessions (and a “team bonding” session in the pub afterwards!). I joined the gym last Friday so hopefully we’ll continue to get fitter and fitter together in the future.
  • Sam has joined the gym near her home.
  • Jacqui has joined the Sports Centre and is enjoying our weekly yoga class.
  • Anne-marie:This has been my favourite CTGF year yet! I think it was because every single member of the team got involved and the atmosphere in the office as a result was great! I also think this will have a longer lasting impact than any of the others – judging by changes promised by so many members of the team. The lasting impact for me personally is a decision to get back into regular running, motivated by the Running ‘club’ set up by the sports centre for the month. I have attended 2 of those sessions and gone along to Park Run on Saturday mornings too. In the space of a month I shaved 3.5 minutes of my 5K time and broke the 30min barrier last week! Next target - <28mins! Running club is now going to be a regular weekly event and I’m really looking forward to exercise being a fixed part of my weekly routine going forward.
  • Stephen has joined the Sports Centre and is continuing to play a weekly table tennis session with Chris. He amassed an amazing 181 points throughout the month.
  • Carole did so well at cutting down on biscuits and chocolate that she lost 7lbs!
  • Paul: I’ve really enjoyed this month and met my target of trying some new things. Janet’s badminton session was probably my highlight but I also really enjoyed handball and trapeze and the opportunity to come together as a team was brilliant. I’m well up for carrying on with the badminton.
  • I've booked onto yoga and Dynamic Bodywork at the Sports Centre for the next two weeks and hope to keep doing those regularly as well as making more effort to stay hydrated and eat my 5 a day.

Everyone has been amazing and it's been really motivating to be part of such a keen team.

Midday Mile

Widening Participation team walking the Midday Mile outside Stanmer House

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