Already Thursday



Time passes quickly. The mature induction event seems to be ages ago..

I completely forgot about the Freebies Fair. Volleyball taster session was today and I
really wanted go. No induction, nothing like that, my timetable is ready now. We played
2 hours and I left with red arms, the best two hours of Fresher's Week so far. No need
to go into details that says it all. Smile

I just peeked into the Fair, but saw nothing interesting, so I decided to get my ticket
for the Pier Party. I was told it was sold out yesterday, maybe even before that. I really
wanted to go, well, should have thought about it earlier, my fault. I am pretty sure there
will be other parties organised by the Uni in the future. And then I will be more clever.

I was walking around campus a bit more then went home and cooked nice food(lecsó). From
what I could see so far, there are 3 other Hungarians on campus, we could start a society.
Maybe later in the year.

Quiet evening.

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hey girl! i got my visa! :D i'm coming on sunday. can't wait! :D do you have a uk number? write to my email

By Tijana on Friday, October 1, 2010

To je super! :))) I am on campus on Sunday! The weather is horrible, it has two days to change for your arrival! I will write an e-mail to you!

By Eszter on Friday, October 1, 2010

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