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Making the Uni clean and welcoming (= rain, rain,rain....)



I am in pain. I was in pain the whole day. This is happy pain. Because I worked hard
to get it. Next time I will warmp ud and down even longer. I went to Falmer House
to sign up for the sport clubs and paid £50 for it. So now I have it on my student ID,
that I am a proud member. Smile

The weather was(is) so incredibly bad, amazing. The rain was falling
 from the ground towards the sky as well. Wind made it even enjoyable as the water sneaked into
my coat behind my scarf. I was soaking wet.. and the trip home on bus 25 and 7.. I knew I hated
the bus company, but now I hate it even more. That is one thing that the buses hardly ever
come on time or when it says on the timetable, but stating that it goes every 7 minutes, when it
simply just does not.. Everybody who has not seen yet will see buses 7 go "in pairs".
When the weather is as bad as yesterday it is even worse, when it is sunny and I am not in a hurry
I don't mind waiting longer.

I wanted to take a picture with the welcome board at Uni. Very cheesy, but to show my mum it would
have been nice. I had no camera :) Maybe tomorrow. I wish for nice weather, please.
I am considering not going to the other taster sessions, because if I lived on campus I would be
close, but it takes me longer getting there. In this weather.. rain, rain go away.. Frown

I also made a badge. You had to pay £1 which goes to charity. Verz good idea Student Union. Wink

Mine says I speak English, Dutch, Magyar(=Hungarian) and Esperanto. I hope that if I wear it often enough I will bump into nice people.

I went to several shops to get my exercise books. I never found nice ones. All overdecorated,
overpriced and stripy. I don't like taking notes on stripy pages. I want either blank or with
small squares. In the end I bought stripy ones, not refill notepads because I know myself,
I would just loose the pages after the lesson. That wouldn't be helpful at all. Laughing

As I was sitting outside under the arches a boy sat next to me, turned out he was from Brighton Uni
to promote the party that was that night. We talked about why I don't want to meet that many new people.
(For me it would be enough to have one or two good friends from my course and that is it, I am not
into this meet-as-many-people-as-you-can superficial way of thinking.

Tijana got her visa! Although I haven't taken part in too many activities, but I went to something every
day of the week(would have liked to go to the Pier Party but thought about it too late and tickets were
sold out, my fault..)  Frown So I absolutely can't imagine how more difficult it will be for her and those who
come later to get ready for Uni in one day or less. Good luck! Wink

Very soon we actually have to start studying.