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Fresher's Fair Fun



Fresher's Fair was great, I enjoyed it a lot. There were many stalls with lots of societies
and I am planning to attend two or three taster sessions as well. I don't think I will manage more than that.
Today was very busy I had to take care of two stalls, one at the Racecourse for Brighton Uni, so
I started my day there, helped setting up there first. Then at Sussex. Smile

Finally I managed to get my ID card, the line was again very long.., it turned out that I was looking at the
wrong one and only one person was waiting. The long line was for those whose registration
wasn't full. It was quick and easy for me. Cool

Then back to the societies, signed up for a few, talked to many people, even a half-dried painting fell on my arm
because a student was very excited about the video games society, so he just didn't care that actually the
life drawing society's exhibition painting was in the way. He wanted to get there in time. Sure he was worried
that the stall would disappear the moment before he gets there. It didn't and my arm was covered in red paint. Yell

I had to go like that to confirm my language choice on a paper. There was a bit of a confusion there about it,
it wasn't obvious what they wanted especially because I didn't go to school in England. So I have no such thing
as a GSCE. I just have to wait till Friday to see whether I managed to get into the course I wanted to.

No evening program for me, I hope everybody had fun at the Barn dance event. I am so tired, I have to get to bed very soon. Tomorrow it is already Thursday, I am pretty sure I am not the only one who gets the impression that this week passes too quickly....