Commit to get fit, Team BMEc? Easy trapeze-y...



Team BMEc have been quietly active so far in CTGF (aka I have neglected to write a blog post). We are greatly enjoying our shared spreadsheet where we log our activities though! Some diary highlights include:

  • Boundary Walk! Fresh air, leg movement, something other than a screen in front of my face - bliss!
  • Badminton avec competitive colleagues, 1 intense hour
  • Danced like a mad man for an hour
  • 7.8miles walked (to and from train stations, boundary walk & a walk after work: 19,118 steps apparently)
  • Swimming after work (maybe around 30 lengths - I went with a friend, so maybe spent too much time talking and not enough time swimming?)
  • 30 minute run (4.5 km, I don't do miles)...Its 2.8 miles - Don't worry I got your back.
  • 45 mins Piloxing and 30 mins Piloxing Knockout practice (had to stop after downstairs neighbours began banging on the ceiling :-s!)
  • 45 mins Sh'bam, 45 mins PowerHoop and 45 minutes Knockout practice (found somewhere to practice which doesn't involve annoying the neighbours)
  • Walked 1 mile around Arundel to feed the ducks and 30 mins Knockout practice
  • 4.5k run around in brighton stopped to enjoy the circus on the level (would recommend)
  • Had a run-in with a circuits class for an hour, resulting in a severe lack of control of hip and knee joints (and missing the train home)
  • In too much pain to join the boundary walkers, could barely cope with walking down a set of stairs.
  • Walked all the way to La Choza (approx. 0.2 miles each way), before enjoying one of their famous calorie-free burritos (and sharing a portion of nachos)
  • "Trapeze" - actually, two rope climb attempts and a sitting buddha position, followed by core muscles needing Deep Heat for three days, and costing me two tickets to the High Top Circus on Saturday night. AWESOME!

As well as many CTGF sessions, we are also arranging a team "walk to Lewes over the hills and into a pub" after work next week and a BYO healthy picnic lunch, too!


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