BMEc Marking May Halfway



Team BMEc busy bonding in and on top of CTGF activities. Roving reporter JW brings you these updates from the field:


Oliver - Really enjoying trying new things and spending a lot of time on the water, including a surf holiday to Devon complete with building campfires. Getting the rest of the BMEc team on [paddle] board at Brighton beach on Sunday!

Georgie – As a new member of staff the Boundary Walk was a special highlight. Got to see the campus from a variety of angles and the activity allowed for some chatting too! CTGF has inspired her to get swimming regularly again.

Ciara – Despite a bout of illness, managed to get to several Circuits and Zumba classes; particularly excited about the Pole fitness session coming up!

Mailea – Active as always in the gym throughout the week. Most fun and surprisingly exhausting was the 45 minutes spent jumping on the trampoline with little niece.

Emily – Just qualified as a Piloxing instructor after regular training culminating in an intense 9-hour slog on Sunday and teaching her first class this week!

 Emily and Piloxing coachEmilys certificate


Bryony – Mostly been revelling in Birthday week treats. Really enjoying experiencing new things thanks to CTGF such as resin socks, tennis ball wall massages, and can’t wait to try piloxing!

Our American Correspondent Austin – Ate a whole lobster, tried yin yoga for the first time, currently experiencing the trials of jet lag…more to come once the fog lifts!

Becky – After finding Insanity really and truly insane, Zumba with Ernest is great with bonus challenging salsa moves. Definitely feeling fitter and not clock-watching longing to escape classes so much anymore…

Hilmi – Usual Badminton with colleagues and Charleston dancing for the first time ever, this week. Regular morning aerobics and lunchtimes walks in the woods as per last blog.

Aidan – Much football training: POV video clip coming soon!

Shinong – A pleasant 10pm jog through Brighton’s streets on a Friday night and some early mornings too. Yoga classes to balance out the aerobics.

Marni – Couch to 5k attempt is going brilliantly; on week 5 and making great progress. Goal (or reward?) is to run the Brighton Color Run in the Autumn!

Ola – Fair amount of Anniversary indulgence but still training for the Boundary Run, and taking classes. Can tell she’s improved by not wanting to throw up in most recent Insanity class. Looking forward to being a Pole on the Pole next Wednesday.

Juliet – Took one for the team by having a kale juice (now everyone else is good), enjoying her running that started in last year’s CTGF (very effective, this CTGF). Sunday’s run was good fitness-wise but memorable due to gruesome nature scene (look away now if you are of a sensitive disposition) involving a crow enjoying a freshly deceased pigeon.

James – Currently at the dentist but we know he has been running and working out.

Emma – Bit of a badminton heavy week (meaning one session vs not much of anything else) but on my feet all weekend enjoying the city and the countryside. So excited to get on the water on Sunday!  

Anita – Really enjoying the variety of opportunities in CTGF including Fetching the Frisbee, Bollywood dancing with the gorgeous saris, Boundary Walk, plus usual swims every weekend.


Go #TeamBMEc!

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