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Roving reporter JW brings you this week’s updates from Team BMEc:

Oliver - Awesome walk to Lewes followed by a weekend of muscle toning via house and garden work.  

Georgie – “I won my Fitbit challenge! I'll explain it a bit; my Fitbit is set to 10,000 steps a day and I was in a challenge called the Daily Showdown with some of my Fitbit friends from across the pond - and as the app told me I 'crushed it' with a total of 19,652 which was 8,000 (I think that's right?) steps ahead of the person in second place!”

Georgie fitbitcrushed itwinner

Ciara – Continued effort in tough circuit training is paying off with a significantly more toned behind.

Mailea – On holiday this week, but we trust Miss Mailea to keep on moving…

Emily – “I went to the gym to practice delivering my Piloxing and Knockout class, completely wore myself out doing one straight after the other but I was very chuffed that I could definitely feel an improvement in my fitness. Even after practicing Knockout only a few times I’ve noticed a huge jump in my fitness in other classes, such as Bodystep on Monday – I used to be one step away from collapsing after one of these classes, but even after doing the new routines I found myself much less exhausted. I even felt like I could’ve carried on for another few tracks!!”

Here is a photo of Dexter the chinchilla watching Piloxing:


Bryony – Has covered a lot of ground this week flat hunting (successfully!) Looking forward to trying pole fitness.

Our American Correspondent now back in the UK Austin – A Push Up challenge (6000 achieved!) has unfortunately led directly to the chiropractor’s office….get well soon Austin!

Becky – Lovely holiday in Portugal with lots of walking between cake shops. Really looking forward to getting back in the saddle (as it were) and trying pole fitness.

Hilmi – Charleston is his thing:



Aidan – Another team injury L . Video footage of the football match in which knee got damaged is forthcoming though!

Shinong – Not in the office today but will update soon.

Marni – Couch to 5k and working on the allotment is active

Ola – 8k run and 7 mile walk in gorgeous East Dean over the weekend, should lead to a successful Boundary run tomorrow. GOOD LUCK OLA!

Juliet – Charleston and 10k run on Sunday and 10 miles walk to Highdown Gardens on Bank Holiday Monday, with picnic and Pimms on the beach included.

James – Newcastle FC won so James is ok and fired up for Boundary Run. GOOD LUCK JAMES!

Emma – Walking, walking, walking. Nutrition talk directly affected her grocery shopping and has improved (at least for now) her breakfast habits.

Anita – 30 lengths in the swimming pool and Charleston dancing last week. Please see photgraphic evidence above.

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