Pole on a pole & a lunchtime display of BMEc teamwalk!



This week, Emily and Ola went to pole fitness and 'crushed it' as we now say in BMEc (see an earlier blog post).

They went up the pole...


Can our favourite Pole do it...?

Yes she can! Zero to upside down in under an hour! Impressive, you two.


Us more upper-strength-challenged teammates took a lunchtime nature walk through the woods behind Jubilee building. At the gate at the end of the first woods, where we all usually sit to lunch and gaze at Stanmer House nestled in the downs, Juliet led us into unknown territory...MORE WOODS.

Intrepid explorers...

Dear reader, have you encountered this...exotic water feature?

Have you encountered this...exotic cow?

Have you encountered these TREE SNAILS??!!

There are many, many more photos of the colourful tree snails but I'll refrain here. Maybe we're all woodland newbies but these are a new species to us. Pleased to report that despite their proliferance; only one crazy tree snail on the path lost his or her life to my (innocent) shoe.


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