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Commit to get fit, Team BMEc? Easy trapeze-y...



Team BMEc have been quietly active so far in CTGF (aka I have neglected to write a blog post). We are greatly enjoying our shared spreadsheet where we log our activities though! Some diary highlights include:

  • Boundary Walk! Fresh air, leg movement, something other than a screen in front of my face - bliss!
  • Badminton avec competitive colleagues, 1 intense hour
  • Danced like a mad man for an hour
  • 7.8miles walked (to and from train stations, boundary walk & a walk after work: 19,118 steps apparently)
  • Swimming after work (maybe around 30 lengths - I went with a friend, so maybe spent too much time talking and not enough time swimming?)
  • 30 minute run (4.5 km, I don't do miles)...Its 2.8 miles - Don't worry I got your back.
  • 45 mins Piloxing and 30 mins Piloxing Knockout practice (had to stop after downstairs neighbours began banging on the ceiling :-s!)
  • 45 mins Sh'bam, 45 mins PowerHoop and 45 minutes Knockout practice (found somewhere to practice which doesn't involve annoying the neighbours)
  • Walked 1 mile around Arundel to feed the ducks and 30 mins Knockout practice
  • 4.5k run around in brighton stopped to enjoy the circus on the level (would recommend)
  • Had a run-in with a circuits class for an hour, resulting in a severe lack of control of hip and knee joints (and missing the train home)
  • In too much pain to join the boundary walkers, could barely cope with walking down a set of stairs.
  • Walked all the way to La Choza (approx. 0.2 miles each way), before enjoying one of their famous calorie-free burritos (and sharing a portion of nachos)
  • "Trapeze" - actually, two rope climb attempts and a sitting buddha position, followed by core muscles needing Deep Heat for three days, and costing me two tickets to the High Top Circus on Saturday night. AWESOME!

As well as many CTGF sessions, we are also arranging a team "walk to Lewes over the hills and into a pub" after work next week and a BYO healthy picnic lunch, too!


Walk; Forest Walk, special guest post by last year's CTGF blog runner up, Hilmi Jaidin!



Hilmi's woods




“The woods are just trees,

The trees are just wood.”

- Stephen Sondheim




When I was growing up, my superstitious mother used to tell me that if I looked into the woods behind our house at night, I’d see a face staring back at you; which of course left me with a lifelong fear of the woods, and also faces.


But the trees behind the Jubilee building are beautiful. I’ve been making a habit of taking a walk through them every lunch for the past two weeks. This has done two things; one, it’s forced me to take a proper lunch break away from The Screen and two, it means I actually get (a little) exercise after lunch.


Given the proximity of the woods to the Jubilee building, it’s strange that not too many other staff members take the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the place, less than 100 meters away from the office. There’s nowhere else on campus, really, where you can get away and feel undisturbed for half an hour. And you don’t have to walk; you could sit or run, or even sing and no one would ever know (if you sing in the woods and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?).


But then again I suppose if everyone took my advice and camped out in the forest, it would no longer be serene. In other words, ignore this post entirely!


But seriously, the woods are beautiful; they’re nothing to be afraid of, despite what my mother might tell you.



BMEc Marking May Halfway



Team BMEc busy bonding in and on top of CTGF activities. Roving reporter JW brings you these updates from the field:


Oliver - Really enjoying trying new things and spending a lot of time on the water, including a surf holiday to Devon complete with building campfires. Getting the rest of the BMEc team on [paddle] board at Brighton beach on Sunday!

Georgie – As a new member of staff the Boundary Walk was a special highlight. Got to see the campus from a variety of angles and the activity allowed for some chatting too! CTGF has inspired her to get swimming regularly again.

Ciara – Despite a bout of illness, managed to get to several Circuits and Zumba classes; particularly excited about the Pole fitness session coming up!

Mailea – Active as always in the gym throughout the week. Most fun and surprisingly exhausting was the 45 minutes spent jumping on the trampoline with little niece.

Emily – Just qualified as a Piloxing instructor after regular training culminating in an intense 9-hour slog on Sunday and teaching her first class this week!

 Emily and Piloxing coachEmilys certificate


Bryony – Mostly been revelling in Birthday week treats. Really enjoying experiencing new things thanks to CTGF such as resin socks, tennis ball wall massages, and can’t wait to try piloxing!

Our American Correspondent Austin – Ate a whole lobster, tried yin yoga for the first time, currently experiencing the trials of jet lag…more to come once the fog lifts!

Becky – After finding Insanity really and truly insane, Zumba with Ernest is great with bonus challenging salsa moves. Definitely feeling fitter and not clock-watching longing to escape classes so much anymore…

Hilmi – Usual Badminton with colleagues and Charleston dancing for the first time ever, this week. Regular morning aerobics and lunchtimes walks in the woods as per last blog.

Aidan – Much football training: POV video clip coming soon!

Shinong – A pleasant 10pm jog through Brighton’s streets on a Friday night and some early mornings too. Yoga classes to balance out the aerobics.

Marni – Couch to 5k attempt is going brilliantly; on week 5 and making great progress. Goal (or reward?) is to run the Brighton Color Run in the Autumn!

Ola – Fair amount of Anniversary indulgence but still training for the Boundary Run, and taking classes. Can tell she’s improved by not wanting to throw up in most recent Insanity class. Looking forward to being a Pole on the Pole next Wednesday.

Juliet – Took one for the team by having a kale juice (now everyone else is good), enjoying her running that started in last year’s CTGF (very effective, this CTGF). Sunday’s run was good fitness-wise but memorable due to gruesome nature scene (look away now if you are of a sensitive disposition) involving a crow enjoying a freshly deceased pigeon.

James – Currently at the dentist but we know he has been running and working out.

Emma – Bit of a badminton heavy week (meaning one session vs not much of anything else) but on my feet all weekend enjoying the city and the countryside. So excited to get on the water on Sunday!  

Anita – Really enjoying the variety of opportunities in CTGF including Fetching the Frisbee, Bollywood dancing with the gorgeous saris, Boundary Walk, plus usual swims every weekend.


Go #TeamBMEc!

Are we nearly there, yet?



Roving reporter JW brings you this week’s updates from Team BMEc:

Oliver - Awesome walk to Lewes followed by a weekend of muscle toning via house and garden work.  

Georgie – “I won my Fitbit challenge! I'll explain it a bit; my Fitbit is set to 10,000 steps a day and I was in a challenge called the Daily Showdown with some of my Fitbit friends from across the pond - and as the app told me I 'crushed it' with a total of 19,652 which was 8,000 (I think that's right?) steps ahead of the person in second place!”

Georgie fitbitcrushed itwinner

Ciara – Continued effort in tough circuit training is paying off with a significantly more toned behind.

Mailea – On holiday this week, but we trust Miss Mailea to keep on moving…

Emily – “I went to the gym to practice delivering my Piloxing and Knockout class, completely wore myself out doing one straight after the other but I was very chuffed that I could definitely feel an improvement in my fitness. Even after practicing Knockout only a few times I’ve noticed a huge jump in my fitness in other classes, such as Bodystep on Monday – I used to be one step away from collapsing after one of these classes, but even after doing the new routines I found myself much less exhausted. I even felt like I could’ve carried on for another few tracks!!”

Here is a photo of Dexter the chinchilla watching Piloxing:


Bryony – Has covered a lot of ground this week flat hunting (successfully!) Looking forward to trying pole fitness.

Our American Correspondent now back in the UK Austin – A Push Up challenge (6000 achieved!) has unfortunately led directly to the chiropractor’s office….get well soon Austin!

Becky – Lovely holiday in Portugal with lots of walking between cake shops. Really looking forward to getting back in the saddle (as it were) and trying pole fitness.

Hilmi – Charleston is his thing:



Aidan – Another team injury L . Video footage of the football match in which knee got damaged is forthcoming though!

Shinong – Not in the office today but will update soon.

Marni – Couch to 5k and working on the allotment is active

Ola – 8k run and 7 mile walk in gorgeous East Dean over the weekend, should lead to a successful Boundary run tomorrow. GOOD LUCK OLA!

Juliet – Charleston and 10k run on Sunday and 10 miles walk to Highdown Gardens on Bank Holiday Monday, with picnic and Pimms on the beach included.

James – Newcastle FC won so James is ok and fired up for Boundary Run. GOOD LUCK JAMES!

Emma – Walking, walking, walking. Nutrition talk directly affected her grocery shopping and has improved (at least for now) her breakfast habits.

Anita – 30 lengths in the swimming pool and Charleston dancing last week. Please see photgraphic evidence above.

Pole on a pole & a lunchtime display of BMEc teamwalk!



This week, Emily and Ola went to pole fitness and 'crushed it' as we now say in BMEc (see an earlier blog post).

They went up the pole...


Can our favourite Pole do it...?

Yes she can! Zero to upside down in under an hour! Impressive, you two.


Us more upper-strength-challenged teammates took a lunchtime nature walk through the woods behind Jubilee building. At the gate at the end of the first woods, where we all usually sit to lunch and gaze at Stanmer House nestled in the downs, Juliet led us into unknown territory...MORE WOODS.

Intrepid explorers...

Dear reader, have you encountered this...exotic water feature?

Have you encountered this...exotic cow?

Have you encountered these TREE SNAILS??!!

There are many, many more photos of the colourful tree snails but I'll refrain here. Maybe we're all woodland newbies but these are a new species to us. Pleased to report that despite their proliferance; only one crazy tree snail on the path lost his or her life to my (innocent) shoe.


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