Caught on film



So I've been selected to be among the host of new student ambassadors – the largest bunch ever recruited, reportedly. I've only been formally inducted into the job this week with a set of presentations on safety, security, career matters, and a rough overview over what our duties usually entail, namely: being the guides that channel the masses of applicants or potential applicants that visit the campus on open days and admissions days throughout the year. The first of these days was scheduled to take place this Saturday; I've already been briefed and supplied with a T-shirt ("Steward"). But then, the weather forecast must've said something about snow, and so – just as a precaution, of course – the event has been cancelled.

Luckily, however, my ambassadorial activities did already kick off last year, with a successful and highly enjoyable mature students' event, and with an appearance before camera. My thanks to Ollie and his team, who cheerfully carried me through an hour of filming (and many, many mistakes, curse my stumbling tongue!) and did a wonderful job cutting the final product. Enjoy!

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