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On living arrangements



I live in East Slope, which is, as every Sussex student knows, the on-campus residence with a legendary reputation for being a party hotspot. It's a reputation well earned – and East Slope's current tenants are doing their best to keep up a good tradition – but it's also a misrepresentation that could easily deter peace-loving people like me who might, in actual fact, feel quite at home here. Let me explain.

When I applied for on-campus accommodation, I did so based only on the information presented on the University website. The picture I got there was, on the whole, quite accurate: Small rooms, facilities shared among several people, party hub. I wasn't thrilled at (1) and (2), except for their consequences on the rent. And, since I considered myself the antithesis of a party animal at the time, (3) was, if anything, a signal for me not to choose East Slope. However, being in a rather tight spot financially – I don't get any loans or other support for fees or rent – I decided to quell my qualms and choose cheap over comfortable.

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