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On fitting in



I inadvertently challenged myself to an exercise in fitting in yesterday. After spending an unnecessarily long time unpacking and getting organised in my room, I dragged one of my flatmates, Natalie, along to Falmer House to join one of the Union Tours offered there. Kit, the Union's communications officer, showed a bunch of mostly international students around Falmer House, giving us an idea of just how much our Student Union does. During the tour, Natalie found out that a couple of other students were from Hong Kong like herself, so we grouped up afterwards to grab a hot chocolate at Falmer Bar. It felt perfectly normal at first, the four of us chatting in fluid pairs, mixing English (where I was involved) and Cantonese (where I wasn't). However, Asian people seem to have a tendency to flock together. Within short order, I found myself surrounded by eight or ten Chinese faces, struggling to keep track of who's who.

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