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Better habits



Two-thirds into the CtGF challenge I am starting to reflect on my progress and how I am feeling.  I seem to be doing a class pretty much every weekday (even though its not my challenge this year) at the moment and cycling in some form most days. For me I have got to the point where fitting exercise into my daily routine is easier and I am not searching for excuses not to do any infact I am enjoying it alot more. If anything I need to watch I’m not doing too much.

Last week I was booked onto 7 classes in 5 days but had to drop a class and forego cycling in one day as my body was too tired and strained from the accelerated activity, so I needed to allow it to rest and recover for a day. A habit I can get into with the gym is going to loads of classes for a sustained period then dropping everything for a few weeks then taking on classes again. So for me my aim for when the challenge is over is to sustain a resonable level of activity and maintain regular class attendance with no long absenses.

What has been interesting in the past few weeks is how I have incorporated fitness into my social life; going on long walks with friends, organizing group bike rides and having swim and sauna sessions have all been great for the mind and body, but also have been really social occasions too.

Something I have noticed in the past few weeks is a change in my eating habits. Now I am not one of these people who can give something up for a whole month. I would rather do extra exercise to allow myself a treat or try and incorporate a healthier schedule into my life. Recently I have been having more apples, reaching for them before I go to the vending machine for a chocolate fix.  Additionally I have had a few salads this week and have enjoyed them. These may seem like small changes, but you have to start somewhere and I’m hoping I can stick to all of these changes and continue with the momentum that CtGF has started.