Northfield Wi-fi Upgrade



wi-fi graphicWhen Northfield opened its doors to students in 2011, it instantly became, by a huge margin, the biggest of the on-campus residences.  It has over 1,000 student bedrooms which are all parts of larger flats, and there are some family flats as well.

With such a large residential population, providing internet access to so many rooms hasn't always been easy we'll admit, and we regularly received feedback that the wi-fi at Northfields just wasn't up to scratch.  It had a lot to do with the intensity of use, but also the physical internal structure of the buildings (the heavy fire doors, for instance) significantly disrupted the wi-fi signals.

Improvements were authorised and more than 150 new wireless access points were installed which have all now gone live, so we're now confident that Northfield residents are happier - about their internet supply, anyway.

We'd be really interested to hear from residents about these improvements, so if you have anything you'd like to let us know, write in the comments or contact us.

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