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UPDATE:  Microphones are again available in lecture theatres.  Apologies for inconvenience during these changes.



Lapel and handheld microphones are no longer available as standard in lecture theatres.  Teaching staff who require the use of this equipment can borrow them from IT Services, whilst lectern microphones remain in place in all theatres.  We’ve unfortunately had to resort to keeping these items safe as a large number have gone missing and it is not possible to repeatedly replace them.  Fill in the request form in advance of your teaching sessions and pop into Shawcross to collect the reserved equipment.

Additionally, two lecture theatres are currently without any IT facilities due to the overrunning of the summer refurbishment programme.  Our colleagues in SEF are working hard to finish this work so that we can get in and install PCs and AV equipment.  The affected lecture theatres are Shawcross AS1 and Richmond AS3.

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Can we delete this post as it is no longer the case?

By Stephen on Monday, September 28, 2015

Hi Stephen,


I thought best just to update it with the message at the top so it doesn't cause too much confusion!

By IT Services on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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