Time warp!



Just as a teaser for a blog post of the future, I’ve just been given some photos of IT equipment at Sussex in years gone by and couldn’t resist sharing this one.  I’ve been sent these by our email expert Andy Clews, who’s been in IT here since the 1970s.

Andy says: “A partial view of the-then equivalent of the ‘data centre’ from 1975.  In the rear background is one of the memory units (there were three, at 32KB each!).   In the foreground are two card readers, and in the middle distances are disk storage units, each storing a massive 6MB each!”


These days, we have a high performance computer unit for research groups needing particularly high capacity machines.  Just these machines alone accommodate 162TB of data.  So to cater for these guys nowadays, we’d be needing 30 million of these 1975 machines.


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