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For the past year I have been doing yoga at least once a week.  I’ve felt less stressed now that yoga’s part of my regular routine and it does make a big difference to how I feel. I’m more relaxed when I’ve done yoga that day. The deep breathing helps you to relax, improves your mood and ability to concentrate. If you’re just beginning to get fit, no matter what your size, shape or fitness level, yoga can be a bit daunting. However, everyone  can work at their own pace. It is meant to make you feel good. After a year of going easy on myself and just going as far as felt comfortable for me, I am surprised at how quickly I have improved.  I never thought I would say this as I am not that flexible and of a heavy build.  When I first tried yoga it was to relax me whilst I was quitting nicotine.  I found it frustrating as everyone else in the room seemed to know what they were doing.   It was intimidating to stand in a class  in front of those enormous mirrors and try to feel relaxed at first. I had no balance and often fell over.  As time progressed, I got a little better, and have noticed changes in different areas of my body, mainly my flexibility. You do improve and see results and now I’d recommend it to anyone.



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Thank you for sharing that Jo,..Yoga is really about bringing union to mind and body...as a teacher I so often hear comments from people that they would love to try but don't feel they would be able to do a class..and your blog really helps to highlight how we can all practice and benefit whatever our starting point is...and if you are thinking of trying a class and are "blessed to be stiff!"

this article may give you some insights


By Karen on Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Maybe I should give yoga more of a go: I am sooooo unflexible!

By Cathy on Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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