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February 1976: Launch of University Radio Falmer



Various URF logos

This Valentine's Day, Monday February 14th, University Radio Falmer celebrates its 35th birthday.  The campus radio station was the brainchild of successive elected Union officers, including Lindsay Thomas and Keith Yaxley, who persuaded the Union to provide funding for Sussex to join the select few unions with a campus radio station.  The proposal was put to a General Meeting of the Students' Union a year earlier, giving the officers a mandate to release funds to build the studio, purchase transmitting equipment, and apply for a licence from the Home Office.

Minutes of UGM 1974/75

Unionews report of URF 2nd birthdayFor the first few years the station broadcast on low power medium wave only to the Park Houses, by means of an induction loop laid around the residences.  And by URF's 2nd birthday, Unionews could publish the news that Park Village residents could join URF's listeners!

Initially URF transmitted on 312 metres (945 kHz) but later moved to 999kHz and more recently new technology was introduced along with a third frequency: 1431 kHz. 

URF studioURF and its presenters have regularly won media awards, see, for example this Bulletin article from 1997 and another from 2009.  In 1999 Sussex hosted the conference of the Student Radio Association. 


The 25th anniversary — ten years ago this month — was marked with the grant of a short-term FM licence and a new logo for the station.  Now the student-run station is searching for another logo to take URF forward. 

Various URF logos



October 1961: The first Sussex students arrive



Today, October 7th, 2011, the University Bulletin is reporting the student population has passed 12,000 for the first time.

Fifty years ago, on October 7th, 1961, the Brighton & Hove Herald marked the end of the first week of the new University of Sussex - the total student population was 52.  The paper featured three of those students in particular: those who came from the local area.

  B H Herald Article October 7 1961

The three Brighton and Hove residents (lower picture above) were Diana Dawes, Adrian Mugridge, and Christine Teague from Lower Bevendean, "the only one of the three to come direct from school".

The upper left picture shows Christine attending Registration: conducted by the registrar himself and with no queue in sight!  The students attended Registration not in Sussex, Falmer or Bramber House, but at St John's Church Hall in Preston Village.  As the Herald had explained the previous week, lectures would be held here, close to the main (actually the only) University building, 235-237 Preston Road.  These would become "home" for the 52 students for the year 1961-62, until the first campus buildings were completed in autumn 1962.  The third picture records a visit by the new students to the building site at Falmer.

Front page news Sept 30th 1961

article headed First Union President ?The Herald also correctly predicted that Mr Mugridge would become the first Union President - a post to which he was re-elected for the 1962-63 year:

2015 honour for 1968 student editor



This week 's Graduation ceremonies saw a few Sussex graduates receive Honorary Degrees.  One of these was Robin Lustig, a Radio 4 broadcast journalist and Sussex politics graduate (1970), who became an Honorary Doctor of Letters.

As I hope you would expect from a Sussex graduate journalist, he wrote for the student newspaper ...


Wine press article bylined Robin Lustig

Then became Editor ...  Wine Press 1968

 And finally, in May 1969, he stood for President (but was not elected.)

Wine Press 1969