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The IT team went off-piste…



Although not part of Commit to get fit - because we are getting into this fitness thing - at lunchtime today we learnt how to hula hoop – ably taught by Susi.  She was a dab hand (hip) at it and several of us gyrated around the grass outside the Sport Centre.

Several bus-loads of people were treated to this Smile

A very enjoyable lunchtime jaunt and we also managed to trap Alison on her way back from the Mass Charleston – although we couldn’t get her in the pictures.  Pictures courtesy of Catherine!

hoopla ITS


ITS go wild at Bouldering...



This week members of the IT team went bouldering…

We felt apprehensive as we tried on our climbing shoes, were they supposed to be this tight?  What if we fell off (hmm, turns out - not a problem), What if we couldn’t grip the ‘thingys’ on the wall?


The lovely chaps at Boulder Brighton gave us a warm up – i.e. they got us started on a training wall, everyone managed to make their way across, so we were let loose on the other higher, more difficult, busier walls.  The place was full of very athletic, lithe, enthusiastic people – and us!

Before we knew it, we were getting to grips (literally) with the ‘thingys’, the grippy bits on the walls and hauling ourselves up to the top, hanging there for a second in victory.  Colleagues were clapping and encouraging and calling out where the grippy bits were located.  Teamwork was key!

Time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go to the pub – to replace all that energy we had expended.  There was still time to be pleasantly surprised by an ad-hoc hooping lesson in the car park by Susi.  We decided there and then that a hooping session this week would be a great idea.

Commit to get fit…by hula hooping our way around Shawcross...


ITS adventures in dance...




This week members of the IT team went to two dance classes…

Bollywood and Egyptian dancing, from India to Egypt in a matter of days.  Bollywood saw us taking elements of bhangra and mixing it with gentle movements of the hands and wrists, signifying flowers opening up to the sun!  We also wafted around the dance hall with scarves emulating butterflies.  This all sounds very gentle, but it was an energetic and non-stop workout!

Egyptian was a very earthy dance, especially the almost shamanistic/cathartic dance moves at the end of the class, which we all did very enthusiastically - we were a bit concerned about our heads and necks afterwards!!

We were so engrossed in both; we forgot to take pictures, so you will have to take our word for it that we went!

Next week – Bouldering!  This looks frightening, maybe we could have a steadying drink beforehand,  non alcoholic of course!  Watch this space for the write-up…