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Blog update as the Commit to Get Fit challenge gets started....

The Commit to Get Fit 2014 challenge started off in wonderful fashion yesterday as we went on the Boundary Walk, run by the UoS's SussexSport and with some commentary provided at key points along the route by Geoffrey Mead.

Off we go

We gathered at the Falmer Sports Centre and headed into Stanmer Park just off the entrance to the campus. From there we headed past the football pitch and paused on the footpath to hear some backstory into the Stanmer Estate, the development of the village, including its use during the Second World War.

The most interesting point in this part of the talk was finding out that everything in the park's idyllic setting is controlled and constructed for the benefit of the wealthy landowners! The land which is ideally suited to farming near the entrance to the park was intentionally seeded with grass - to show how affluent they were by blatantly showing that they can let their best farming land go to waste!

The landowners also specifically planted up the wooded area behind Stanmer House, simply to provide a more pleasant backdrop to the building.

Another design choice due to the affluence of the owners was to locate all of the workman's buildings over a hill, so that they could not be seen from the house when building work was being carried out.

The walk then took us up the hill facing the house, through the small shaded patch of trees before coming out over the top of the hill which overlooks the campus.

Geology rocks

At this point, we paused and discussed the geography and geology of the area - when the rocks were formed, how they travelled across the landscape and how we have reached the composition we find today (something about a dome of chalk and weathering.... I may have been distracted by a funny-looking cow at this point).

From here, we made our way down the other side of the hill, ending up around the back of the halls of residences at the North of the campus. We then wound our way through the woods running along the East of the campus, snaking up and down the hills to end up near the Falmer Sports Complex.

End of the road

At this point, the group broke up into several splinter groups, each making their way back through the campus down their own route. The route taken by my group took us painfully close to the local pub, however our strong determination to get fit (plus the fact that our lunch hour was ending) pulled us away from the temptation and delivered us unto the main group again - where the walk came to an end.

We thanked our enthusiastic guide and headed back to the office (boo!) to carry on with the "normal" working day.

All in all, a very enjoyable and interesting start to our fitness challenge - take a look at the photos below. Archery tomorrow and after that people are trying trampolining and back care.... so check back for photographic evidence soon!

These are the first photos in our Commit to Get Fit Challenge - from the Boundary Walk on the 30th April 2014. The lunchtime walk took just over an hour and we were able to enjoy the sunshine and the beauty of Stanmer Park and listen to some local geography and history from our extremely knowledgeable guide, Geoffrey Mead. A certain colleague's shiny black wellington boots added a comic edge to the stroll.

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Beuatiful day for a walk indeed!

By Karen on Friday, May 2, 2014

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