CtGF - End of Week 1 update



The first week of Commit to Get Fit comes to a close

The first few days of the CtGF have been eventful, active and most importantly FUN!

We've been walking the countryside surrounding the campus, shooting arrows with deadly ferocity (or rather, inaccuracy) and bouncing ourselves fit!

Our other activities have been mentioned in previous posts but the last activity to mention for the week is the trampolining from Friday. Our School Administrator, Oonagh, hadn't been trampolining for quite a few years but jumped at the chance to give it another go! She sends along this report from the session:


Trampolining on Friday 3rd May. This is really worth doing! The instructor was encouraging, and a good tutor. He made getting up on a trampoline look so easy….it really isn’t. Once up there though you sort of let go and start grinning madly. It’s a surprising workout, great fun, but you do have to concentrate or you could end up bouncing right off the tramp. Lots of people were doing seat drops and front drops and straddles – you can quite quickly pick up some moves and at least if they go wrong you are reasonably cushioned. Well worth a go. Thanks CTGF for putting this on.



Thank you for that, Oonagh. No pictures sadly (but we'll get one of Oonagh bouncing next time).

The last thing to mention as Week 1 comes to a close is our CtGF motivator. Similar to the "Commit to Get Far" challenge from January, where teams competed to cover a certain distance in 10 days - from Brighton to Edinburgh - we have started our own tracker to see how far we can get. As we have 30 days this time, we needed to increase the distance significantly, so chose a point at the North of Scotland to reach and some milestones along the way.

We have decided to attempt to get to the Shetland town of Twatt and back! On the way, we will pass by such noble British locations as Bell End, Wetwang and Thong.

I'll post update on how far we have reached as the challenge goes on - aiming for a total of ONE THOUSAND NINE-HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-TWO MILES! So far we have totalled.... ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY. We have three more weeks to start racking up those miles... though I'm sure Captain Naomi will start kicking us up the bum soon!

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All great stuff Matt, sounds as though things are seriously kicking off on the milage front :-) 1832 to go according to our trusty calculator, a most heroic challenge if I do say so myself.

Good to hear the trampolining was so well received, how about some snappy snaps next time? We do love to see the CTGF photo skills in action over at sussexsport HQ.


Keep it up, all!

Tom at Sussexsport

By Tom on Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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