Week 2 - Activity Reviews Round-Up



Activities Round-Up!

MPS comes charging into Week 2 of the Commit to Get Fit with another mixed bag of exercise and activities. Sadly a few of our teammates are on holiday at the moment, so we are getting regular updates from them via email.

Outside of work, we have racked up the equivalent of over 400 miles so far! We've sped past Cockington, barely noticed passing the Bell End and are now 28 miles past Lickey End!

In terms of CtGF sessions, we've had some of our team attending talks on fitness and exercise, some tried their hand at Feldenkrais (see below) and others signed up for a last-minute spinning class while ill (see below... if you really want to).

As I wasn't able to attend every session, I sent my budding reporters (a.k.a. my network of super secret spies) to feed back on the events and hopefully get some embarrasing photos (sooooooon....). So now I will hand over to Dorothy, who has this to say about the Feldenkrais:

Thursday 8 May 2014 - Feldenkrais

Having been a long-term yoga afficianada (don’t tell the ranger in Jellystone park) with a preference for exercise that does not entail too much exertion and certainly no great amounts of perspiration – though tomorrow’s trampolining session might test that statement – Feldenkrais, not to be confused with umlauts or sauerkraut, sounded an appealing session to sign on to. Offering a “unique and practical way to realise our potential more fully, with the added bonus of greater ease in everyday activities and increased vitality”, and my being of a certain age, how could I not try it?

Accompanied by Boo-boo, we ventured off into the unknown – I had deliberately not researched it so that I wouldn’t have any pre-conceived ideas of what to expect. Whilst akin to some yoga exercises, this is quite, quite different. You follow the words, not the actions of the teacher (in this case, a very gentle voiced American/? Canadian lady). In this session she chose to concentrate in our shoulder area and, lying supine on our fetching purple mats (which just so happened to coordinate with my t-shirt), we engaged in gentle but curiously intense exercise. The odd thing was that, after half an hour’s worth of concentrated activity one side of you did actually feel different and, for me anyway, lighter and freer. I couldn’t quite ‘get’ the visualisation process which was enacted on the second side but maybe that’s something to do with coming from Birmingham …

Would I do it again? Most certainly.


Excellent stuff, Dorothy, and yes the problem will be in your Brummy blood.

The next special report ("THIS JUST IN!") comes from our Team Captain, Naomi, who decided that exercise was the best thing to cure a cold:

Spinning was good fun; assuming you like having a maniac screaming at you to go faster, while Metallica blares out at full volume. Ok, I may be exaggerating a little but as someone who is generally not that sporty – it was quite tough. I kept slipping off the bike seat and had jelly legs on my way back to the school office. Everyone else had all the right gear on and I’m sure I stuck out like a sore thumb in my flowery pumps and pink socks! I’m hoping that my legs will work for trampolining tomorrow…


Oh dear, Naomi, well we can't fault her for her enthusiasm!

As mentioned above, there's some trampolining taking place tomorrow and this time we will get some action photos of the team floating between the Heavens and the Earth..... failing that, on a trampoline.

Tune in again the same time tomorrow!


(or next week, you know, whenever I get the chance)

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I want to add to my review of the spinning session and just clarify that my comments were no reflection on the fantastic instructor who did a really great job. I felt a bit bad for making him sound like a horrible ogre. I am a) a massive wimp who does not do sport and b) exaggerating for comic effect.

By Naomi on Friday, May 9, 2014

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