Up, Up and Away! (plus some down in-between)

All go at MPS, as we sent some of our colleagues off for a lunchtime trampolining session!

While they were slightly nervous beforehand, I am pretty sure they all had a whale of a time. Naomi and Dorothy went off for a bounce, and I now hand over to today's hack writer - Naomi:


Trampolining was excellent fun (and even seemed to ease the pain in my legs from yesterday’s spinning session). The group was fairly small so Dorothy and I took it in turns. As a complete novice, I was surprised at how easy it was to stay in the middle of tramp – I had fully expected to be careering all over the place. Part way through I had to run off to ladies; I was in danger of having an accident due to the combination of giggling and bouncing! After a few wobbly tucks and star jumps I gained a bit of confidence and started bouncing higher. Overall, a big thumbs up.


Very nice - see, I told you they loved it really. They were even good enough to get some action shots! See below for photographic evidence.

Looking forward to next week!

Next week the team steps it up a notch, taking on some running, fencing, massage, as well as all of the usual walking, breathing and sleeping action that us feisty creatures get up to!

For those of you interested in our progress across the country, we are now approaching Nob End... should reach it over the weekend!

See you all next week!

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