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A collection of updates from far-flung correspondents

This update pulls together the activities from our colleagues who are away from Sussex at the moment - Sally and Debbie.

Sally has been to Scotland for a few days, while Debbie is living it up on the continent!

Firstly I'll hand over to Sally, who has walked around half of Scotland this week! No relaxing during CtGF!


Sally in Scotland

13 miles on Friday

Walked round Edinburgh on Saturday

7.5 miles on Sunday

7 miles on Monday

7 miles on Tuesday


Bearing in mind that those miles will count towards our motivational mile target - to get to Twatt and back - we're making sure that everyone gets active during this month!

Sunshine and Swimming!

Next is the report from Debbie, who is taking a well-deserved break at home and in Portugal. We've got a little bit of info about her activities but she also sent over some pics too!


Debbie on Holiday

30/04 2 hours gardening

01/05 1 hour pilates

02/05 1 hour swimming

03/05 5 mile walk from Exceat to Birling Gap - Belle Tout Lighthouse at Beachy Head in the photo

04/05 20 lengths at the pool and an hours stroll

05/05 Debbie and Chrystelle visited Dieppe for an overnight stay and walked 7 kilometres

06/05 3 more kilometres in Dieppe

07/05 30 mins pilates and 45 mins walking

10/05 - 12/05 80 lengths at the pool in Portugal

11/05 hour walk around Silvas

12/05 2 hour stroll on the beach


Sounds absolutely lovely, Debbie! Enjoy the rest of your break! Debbie's photos are below:

Friday frolics!

Another update coming later on today - we've certainly been busy!

For those of you interested in our progress, we're now past Cockermouth and are bearing down on Twatt fast!

Check back soon!

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