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To round off Week 3 of the Commit to Get Fit challenge, Team MPS have gone all out with activity, events and fun!

So... where to start?

It probably makes the most sense to go chronologically:

The week's activities begun with Chrystelle, Justine and Sarah having a massage to relax and soothe those tired muscles. Chrystelle obviously didn't quite get the idea of it though and proceeded to go for an hour-long run.

This was advertised as "designed to make running enjoyable" however when Chrystelle returned absolutely sopping wet and exhausted, she felt that the activity was slightly misrepresented.

Do you mind?

The following day, Felicity went off to a mindfulness class. Again, the point being to relax and focus yourself - so that you come out of the session more content and relaxed.

Felicity felt a bit fidgety and had difficulty stopping the thoughts running through her mind - so the class didn't exactly have the desired effect! Oops!

The following day, me and Naomi went off for another archery session - but not as green amateurs, we were now experienced bowmen!

It was much more natural and easy to get back into shooting this time, with the instructor commenting that it seemed better this time around.

We were given a little instruction on the parts of the bow and arrow, which had some rather rude technical names:

The shaft of the arrow has veins, which you should line up in the knocking point and then give it a tug and shoot.

Obviously, I don't understand what is supposed to be rude in that... with my pure and innocent mind.... but others seemed to find it hilarious!

Then came Friday....

Team MPS took things to the next level on Friday.

Naomi and Matt had signed up for a fencing session, which would have been enjoyable in itself, but we realised that we could improve this by raising some money for a good cause!

We went to a fancy dress shop earlier in the week and picked up a couple of rather dashing musketeer outfits for the occasion!

As there is a fundraiser put on by SussexSport for the Rockinghorse Appeal, we decided to contribute to this campaign. With our trusty collection tin, fabulous wigs and capes, and false facial hair on Naomi, we went out on the hunt for donations.

Passing through Sussex House on the way to the fencing session, we managed to collect a whole bunch and after a request from staff I quickly set up a Just Giving page (Click here to take a look and donate!)


Hot Sword Action

The fencing session itself was EXHAUSTING and BOILING HOT. Due to the padded safety equipment, the warm climate and the vigorous thrusting, I was shattered and out of breath within ten minutes. Naomi managed to stay on her feet for the entire session, and managed to get photographic evidence of me collapsed in a heap after our duel.

It was brilliant fun though, a great introduction to the sport and I highly recommend the upcoming session to anyone who fancies stabbing their colleagues.

The photos from the event are at the bottom of this post, however I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated, supported and laughed at us - you all made the day worthwhile.

Our current fundraising total is around £150, so we feel that the exhaustion and sniggering was worth it.

Whew - what a week! Let's see what next week brings!

Please donate if you can - The Musketeers' Just Giving page

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Just to add, thank you to Gladrags, Community Costume resource http://www.socialsubcultural.com/gladrags/. They provide period costumes and fancy dress to community groups, schools and colleges, and low budget projects. Thank you everyone for your support today! Now, must go wipe my 'tache off...

By Naomi on Friday, May 16, 2014

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