Commit to Get Fit 2015 - It begins....



MPS Commit To Get Fit 2015!
Another year, another month full of fun and activity!

Get US committed!

The MPS team has a lot to live up to given the successes of last summer, so we're hoping to rise to the challenge we've laid down for ourselves. The wide range of events available are really impressive and credit to SussexSport for getting this all together.

From the initial signups we've had, our team will be enjoying:

  • The Boundary Walk
  • Quidditch (complete with appropriate uniforms)
  • Running
  • Volleyball
  • Frisbee
  • Charleston
  • Netball
  • Bouldering
  • The Midday Mile
  • Egyptian Dance
  • possibly some Pole Dancing in spandex?......


More to come

This year we have a new Captain in Becky Foster - thank you Becky for getting us pumped up!

We have been encouraged to get active and also have a Facebook page to publicise our efforts - please like and share!

We are doing a distance challenge again to add some competition and drive to our efforts!

Really liking the other suggestions which may be added soon too - Pole Fitness? Hell yes!


Off we go boundering

The first activity, as per tradition, is the Boundary Walk.

This year the weather seemed tempted to ruin preceedings, but after forecasts full of doom and gloom, we actually got a reasonably nice climate for a walk - not too hot but no rain!

We had some excellent information provided by Martin as we went along, from the observatory on the hill to the unique trees along the boundary paths. Really enjoyable for everyone - and got our appetites ready for lunchtime (healthy salad, ahem, of course).

We got some lovely pictures of the walk, which are on display below:



Check back here for more of the team's adventures!

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