A flurry of activity at MPS!



More activities for MPS

There has been a flurry of activity over the past week, with a whole bunch of different activities being undertaken by our team.

I was absent for all of these, so I will hand over to my budding correspondents who attended the sessions:



Steve and I did Charleston today:
It was great fun and quite a workout!  Our teacher, Fiona, was fun, patient and explained the steps very well to a large, slightly self-conscious class of mixed ages, gender and ability.
It was good to see the wind taken out of the sails of some of the more competitive sportsfolk who were clearly out of their comfort zone!
We all ended up quite competently performing a short dance routine and everyone was smiling  and doing jazz hands :-)



“aaaarrrrgggghhhh…there’s a ball flying at my face!” was my main feeling during the hour at volley ball. I would like to take this as a public opportunity to apologise to the poor people who ended up on my team. I was an embarrassment! But, on a more positive note…I did manage to make contact with the ball a few times, I think I even got it over the net once, I will take that as a win! Thank you to James for being a very patient coach, and to Kelly, who was lumbered with me as a partner. 


Volleyball was really difficult, both tactically and physically. There’s a lot to remember and it’s very fast paced with lots of swapping round positions. The worst part for me was actually hitting the ball and very quickly my thumbs, wrists and forearms were red raw and stinging! 2 hours on and I now have bruises *whimper* Probably won’t be joining a team anytime soon.



After a promising start whereby Naomi and I got a bit cocky about how good we were when just passing the Frisbee to each other, things went a bit downhill when the instructor got us to chase the Frisbee across a field in the manner of an excited Labrador, those things can fly FAST! We then played a game of ‘Ultimate’ which I actually really enjoyed, the first sport so far that I felt I wasn’t just a massive let down to the team, and I think the first thing I have tried that I will consider going back to, big thumbs up.


Ultimate Frisbee was fantastic fun (though I did feel a bit like a dog at the park!). I was in a lot of pain following the previous 2 days of sport but I pushed through and went along. Once we got the hang of the rules, we became quite competitive and by the end of the session almost everyone agreed to come back the following week. A huge thumbs up!


Updates from our Welsh Correspondent

As with last year, one of our colleagues only works during term-time, which means that Commit to Get Fit always falls outside of her normal working pattern. However, that won't stop us from getting her as involved as possible - with her coming in during her holiday for the Boundary Walk, and sending photo updates from her travels. 

This time, we have two updates from Wales complete with a few pictures below! 


As we really know it. Today is Sunday and we are on a big national trust estate near Llandeillio. Already walked around the 28 acres where we are staying 2 hours and now off for more walking.


This is where we are today. As I am unable to take the dog into the mines where Melvyn has gone, I am about to embark on an overland tour - map shown (see photos below). About an hour and a half long.

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