Netball, well, sort of...



Netball Crazy!

The torrent of team trials and tribulations continues into this week, with a quick update on the Netball session.

Becky, Naomi and Oonagh signed themselves up for some netballing (obviously the cliched "horrific school memories" had faded).

We ventured over to the Sports Centre, only to meet a bunch of fellow netballers leaving.

"The netball instructor hasn't turned up and isn't answering emails - we're going for a run instead!", they mentioned on their way towards Stanmer.

Well Team MPS wasn't going to have a little thing like that stop us from getting some netball action!

The team went and grabbed a ball and just got on with it. The team had a kind offer of some competitive two-on-two action, but declined.

We were only there for 20 minutes, but we got a few action shots of our netball exploits below!



Not satisfied

The short burst of netball wasn't quite enough for the team though. Oonagh went off for a bit of a run around Stanmer Park while Becky, Naomi and myself wandered back through campus.

To our surprise, we found there was more physical activities on offer - a funfair for hand-in day!

Not one to shy away from the chance to stretch her arm muscles, avid fitness enthusiast Naomi signed up for the ball toss game... and won a toy!

To recharge after the strenuous activity, Becky and Naomi then took on some sugars.... see photos below!

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