Boxercise, The Long Walk Home and Mountain Goats



Another eclectic update from MPS!

This week we have been taking the fitness to another level, getting involved in more physical activity and forgoing transportation home!

Sizing Up Your Boxers

First off, Naomi and Becky went along to Boxercise on Wednesday to pummel some mits in the sake of health. Let's hear how they got on:


Once I had got over (I totally didn’t get over it, but I did develop a coping strategy!) my fear of putting my hand inside a sweaty boxing glove, I really enjoyed this class. Whilst Naomi and I may not have been able to channel the super focussed scary boxing face that other participants managed to achieve and instead went for our now standard, excited puppy at the beach on a windy day look instead, we did OK and managed to keep up with the routine, albeit in our own little way. I am even going to take my ‘excellent’ comments from Terry as being genuine, how’s that for a turnaround from Miss Cynical?!


Another first for me. I’ve never taken a self-defence class of any description or been in a fight (unless Street Fighter on the Mega Drive counts? No? Ok…) so actually, this had the potential to be pretty intimidating. Terry our trainer was fantastic though and really praised and encouraged us a lot. One downside was that the pads and gloves were really gross and sweaty! It was obvious we were miles behind everyone else in the class but actually, it didn’t matter and we had a really great time working out at our own pace. Shoryuken!


You go for it, crazy street fighters....


Rock Scrambling

Now another quick update from our foreign correspondent, Debbie, who is away for the duration of Commit to Get Fit. A short report and pics below:


Have spent two and a half hours rock scrambling this morning. It was supposed to be a gentle walk. However the RSPB forgot to mention that you needed to be a mountain goat as well as wearing stout footwear. Now taking an hours gentle stroll!!


If that isn't commitment to fitness, I don't know what is.


Walk this way!

As part of the National Walk to Work Week, several of us have walked to or from the campus. The first to give it a go were Naomi and myself, which is admittedly one of the shortest walks home among the team.

The walk in total came to 4.3 miles, including a detour to the chip shop for sustenance.

From campus, we walked past the Sports Centre, along the Lewes Road until Wild Park (by the way, thank you for the horror stories, dear colleagues!) and over the top to the Hollingbury Golf Course. 

We had a wonderful set of clear directions to take us home, which we cleverly left in the office.

Somewhere in the middle of Wild Park we got slightly muddled and ended up scrambling up a near-vertical slope comparable to Everest! No exaggeration whatsoever there.

Once we'd scaled the peak, we ambled past the golf course to Hollingdean, then down the Dip and back up the other side for some well-earned chips.

With the mountaineering and deep fry included, we took around 1 hour and 30 mins. Not bad going considering we were taking it pretty easy!

Photos from our excursion below:


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