The Cap'n Walks The Plank (a.k.a. Coldean Lane)



Shivvering me timbers

Our Team Captain, Becky, took up the challenge to walk home - although the weather wasn't as kind for her odyssey!


So, being the team captain and instigator of 'I challenge you all to walk to or from work', I thought it was only fair that I did my bit and gave it a bash.Of course, I chose to do it on the wettest coldest day for weeks, but being a true British martyr, I didn't let that put me off.


Armed with my umbrella and trusty (as I now know NOT) waterproof walking shoes, I set off with my maybe slightly ambitious google map saved on my phone. Things started well when I found a lovely footpath that I didnt even know existed which took me through the woods to the bottom of Coldean Lane (pic 1).


I then cut through Coldean and managed to find the elusive gap in the hedge on a quiet residential street that I was looking for which I had been told would lead me up into the back of Wild Park. As with Matt's previous post, and having grown up in Brighton, I have always been a bit scared of Wild Park so this portion of the journey became a very paranoid trot, which was made even more exciting every time I saw a dog walker emerge out of the rain in the distance!


Up the top here was a lovely view over the downs where I could just about make out the Amex Stadium but sadly not the Uni (pic 2). In the photo it doesn't look very far but as the journey up to this point had been more or less totally up hill, my legs were starting to feel it. In my desperation to get off the damn hill, I took a shortcut (read wrong wrong turn) and I spent the next 15 minutes wandering round Holligbury Golf Course trying to find a way off so that I could join Ditchling Road. (See pic 3)


I finally found a way out, but by this point I was very cold, and wet, and a bit grumpy, and I got a text from my boyfriend asking if I wanted to meet him in the I walked down to fiveways and got on the bus!


I managed about half my journey (3 milesish) and I am very determined to try again, but maybe next time I will listen to the forecast and not be quite so stubborn!



Well done, Becky! I hope the pneumonia was worth it!

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