Broken Car, Frizzing Bees and Climbing Up The Walls



More commitment from MPS!

Another update from MPS, this time a little closer to home - so no need for holiday-snap-jealousy.

Felicity has an update on her activity this week, and Becky and Naomi have some photos to share.

We'll start with Felicity's update on her automotive adventures:



I had been looking forward to, and expecting to be extremely active in the evening of the 15th, as on alternate Fridays I’m involved in a youth club in Whitehawk, where we provide fun activities and healthy snacks for local secondary school children, and on the 15th it was a bungee run and the gladiator duel for our “bounce” themed night! However, my car died a noisy death on the way home from work, which resulted in my being home-bound that evening!  So, given that I was car-less and fancy free, I decided to embrace my freedom (!) and walked to and from my gym in Hove (30 minutes, either way), with a gym workout sandwiched in the middle!

Great work, Felicity - way to turn a bad situation into an excuse for more exercise!



So, I had the day off on Friday and I still came in for the Frisbee session, what have I become?! I really enjoyed this session again and could even begin to see a very slight improvement in my performance. Felix is a great teacher and makes the sessions feel really friendly and unintimidating. We learnt a new move this week, ‘The Hammer’ which I struggled with, but when we went into playing a game I think I may have used it once or twice, although I can’t say that I intended to! Looking forward to going back this week



Despite it being windier, I felt improved on last week and really enjoyed the match at the end. We also learnt a new throw (The Hammer) which involved an overarm vertical lob, with the Frisbee gracefully turning horizontal again as it arcs to the ground. Well, that’s what’s meant to happen anyway... I mainly stuck to the standard throw so as to avoid hitting anyone in the face - again. Really looking forward to next week!





Despite having the upper body strength of a small woodland creature, I arrived at Boulder Brighton ready for a challenge and a challenge I received! After a brief safety briefing (basically telling us we were likely to die/be seriously injured the second we entered the centre) we all lined up for a go on the beginners wall. I was surprised that I managed to make my way along this in one (albeit very slow) go without falling off, but disappointed that I didn’t receive a medal at the end for the efforts.
Instead, after one more supervised practice, the instructor let us loose to go off, on our own, to play on the various walls available. Naomi and I teamed up with the lovely Georgie from the International Office and together we cheered each other up the (supposedly) very easy and quite easy routes. These were more than hard enough for us and I really struggled to resist the urge just to drag myself up by my arms. Once at the top of each climb, it felt really, really high, having seen the photos, it really wasn’t!
After about an hour, our hands and sorry excuses for arms were sore and so we decided to call it a day. It was great fun though, and it was brilliant to watch the more experienced climbers tackle the more challenging routes. Boulder Brighton was a great place to try bouldering for the first time and I would like to say thanks to everyone we met for being really welcoming and for letting us have the chance to try out this new activity.



Yet another new activity and this one took me out of my comfort zone quite a bit. I know my upper body strength isn’t up to much, well actually just strength in general, so I was particularly worried about being able to hold myself on the wall! The fact that we had to sign a disclaimer whereby we agreed that this activity could result in death, didn’t help my fears much either…
Anyway, on arrival we were given some special shoes with really hard rubber toes. They were tiny. When I whimpered to the lady behind the counter she told me they were meant to be small. My toes felt like they were curling up into the bottom of my foot. It was horrible.
After a couple of climbs around the baby practice wall and instruction on the different coloured holds and their difficulty level, we were let loose. The idea is that one colour is one climb route. I stuck to green and wasp (yellow & black), the children’s level! It was really difficult but there’s a great sense of achievement when you reach the end of a route. I’m pleased that I tried it, it was a fun evening.


Nice work, guys! You managed to look calm and collected at great heights(!) 

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