Marvellous Montenegro, Wonderful Wales & Delightful Derbyshire



Updates from our Foreign Correspondents!

At Team MPS we enjoy sending our team off around the country to promote healthy living and exercise.

This year for Commit to Get Fit, we sent 3 people off on diplomatic missions around the globe - starting local with our dispatch of Debbie to Wales and Sally to Derbyshire - before going international and sending Sarah to Montenegro!

Updates and photos from our various foreign correspondents below:

Montenegro - Sarah

Whilst celebrating my birthday in Montenegro last week I did manage to do my bit for the team.
Most days were spent lounging by the pool sipping cocktails, paddling in the Adriatic or taking a boat ride on the fjords (well it was my birthday!).
But one day we took a walk along the coast to Becici – we thought we would just take a stroll along the beach but the scenery was so beautiful we kept walking, around the point into the next bay we went, then through a tunnel in the mountain and continued along the path until we were met by 3 excited dogs barking loudly!  I’m sure they were friendly as they were wagging their tails but just in case they were happy to have new people to bite we decided to turn around and make our way back to the safety of our hotel pool!  Still, a longer walk than we had anticipated.
The following day we decided to walk along the coast in the other direction.  We wouldn’t walk all the way to the next town (Budva) as it was quite a long way and it was very hot and sunny.  Anyway, like the previous day, the scenery kept us going and we got to the tunnel in the mountain on the west side of the bay.  Although this tunnel was longer it was worth the effort as the views as we emerged out the other side were stunning.  By then we needed a cold drink so we continued to find a suitable watering hole.  However, most of the venues were in the process of being built or being brought back to life from last season so we continued on to the port of Budva, again a beautiful scene.  We strolled around the old town and made a few purchases before making our way back ‘home’.
It ended up being quite a long, hot walk but it was pleasing to have contributed to the MPS CTGF team while away from the office and it also made me feel I had earned the cocktails that were awaiting me back at the hotel!
I would like to say I am glad to be back and looking forward to this week’s activities... ;-)


Wales - Debbie

1) My first love (behind Melvyn that is)! - Wales. The peace is deafening. The countryside almost beyond description. So beautiful. The bird song is exquisite and melodic - not to mention far away from 'the maddening crowd'.

We have just taken a 45 minute walk around some of this small farm with the resident dog Floss. Yes Sasha has a playmate. Not to mention the chickens next door which she thinks she owns and would have for dinner given half a chance.


2) Where the red kite flies. Today we have gone up to a farm where they feed the red kites. Due to inclement weather we have only walked for about half an hour. However that does take our total up to about 15 hours of walking and rock scrambling so far this week.


3) Carreg Cennan Castle the start of a two and a half hour walk.


4) The view down the valley at the Castle.



Derby - Sally

I spent a lovely week, 10 – 17 May 2015, walking in the Chesterfield area with Seaford Ramblers, we set off on Sunday, 10 May by coach.  We had a choice of two walks, a long and short, I did the long walks. 

Monday 11 May was 10.5 miles Matlock, Bonsal, Horse Dale, Winster, Matlock, lovely views.  

Tuesday, 12 May 9miles, Dovedale, Wetton, Alstonefield, Dovedale – stopped for lunch at Milldale.

Wednesday, 13 May bus into Chesterfield, Brimington Common, Chesterfield, 8miles.  6 of us then climbed the bell tower at the Crocked Spire Church. 

Thursday, 14 May was a rest day from walking with a visit to Hardwick Hall.  

Friday, 15 May 10miles, Bakewell, Rowsley, Beeley, Edensor, Bakewell, which took us through Chatsworth Park where we saw deer.  

The last day was Saturday, 16 May when 33 out of 35 on the trip walked the 6.5 miles from Eyam, Coombs Dale, Stoney Middleton back to Eyam, which was a lovely walk for the last day. 

We had a nice fine week for walking which was very enjoyable with a comfortable hotel and good food.

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