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More updates from MPS!

Another day, another bunch of aerobic action over at MPS!

This week we're kicking off with an update from Justine, who has some details of her efforts and lovely photos to accompany.


It’s been an active month for me and lots of fun! I am a regular at my local health club where I follow classes such as Les Mills spinning, body pump, body conditioning, body attack and yoga. I also swim several times a week.

The CTGF scheme encouraged me to go that bit further this month. I have been on some lovely weekend walks with my family and our neighbour’s gorgeous doggies Douggie and Mack (see photos).

During the recent Bank Holiday weekend we took the dogs on a 13 mile walk over the Downs and it wasn’t just the dogs who were worn out! The next day we walked from Birling Gap, via Beachy Head towards Eastbourne and back, took in the beautiful scenery and the sun even showed itself for a few hours! (photos attached).

I have also been battling the inclement British weather cycling to work each day (11 miles return). On several occasions when it was lashing it down I was so tempted to get in my car but didn’t give in and braved the wind and rain! Of this I am proud and will be attempting to keep this up.

So all in all a great month and I’m feeling great for it!


Thanks Justine! Looked like a gorgeous day for it!

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