Commit to Get Fit 2015 - MPS Team Summary



Commit to Get Fit - MPS Team Summary

A few thoughts on the end of Commit to Get Fit 2015 from Team MPS!

Becky - Team Captain

As someone who hasn’t really participated in any form of organised sport since leaving school 11 years ago, the prospect of being team captain for a sports challenge was a little daunting! However, I decided to swallow my pride and embrace the opportunity to try new things and get well and truly out of my comfort zone (anyone who knows me will realise that this is completely contradictory to my usual somewhat cynical approach to life, so I am very proud of myself!).
I decided to sign up for pretty much anything and everything that I could fit into my schedule and so ended up having a go at, deeeeep breath: Quidditch, Volleyball, Frisbee (x3), Boxercise (x3), Bouldering and Netball. As well as taking part in the Boundary Walk, the infamous ‘Walk Home from Work’ Challenge (see previous blog) and starting the Couch to 5k Running programme.
After a month of doing more activity than possibly ever, I can definitely tell the difference. I feel healthier, stronger and more energised and I think I have managed to drop a couple of pounds. It has definitely encouraged me to make more time in my day to get active and I am really going to try and keep up the good work, the people at Netflix will be wondering where I have gone!!


Well we did it again.  With a brand new Captain at the helm, team MPS signed up to challenge ourselves in an attempt to get fit.
Once again we all rallied in our different ways, some upping their usual activities at the gym/walking groups/family activities & holidays; some commuting to/from work on foot or bicycle instead of public transport or car; some signing up to new classes provided by the Sports centre and some doing a combination of these things.
In the middle of CTGF month I celebrated a significant birthday and I was often one of, if not the oldest in the class but I held my own and didn't give up J My favourite activity was the Charleston, I found boxercise to be very cathartic and walking along the Montenegrin coast was wonderful, not least because cocktails by the pool afterwards were even more!
Thank you to Sussex Sport for organising the event and providing a range of activities and thank you to my team mates, especially Capt. Becky,  for encouraging me!  The team spirit definitely helps this reluctant sportswoman to get up and out there!
I look forward to the next one………………!


I enjoyed my holiday in Derbyshire walking.  I also enjoyed the Charleston and Egyptian Dancing at the Sports centre and my weekly Fitsteps which I have been doing for 2 years.


It’s been an active month for me and lots of fun! I am a regular at my local health club where I follow classes such as Les Mills spinning, body pump, body conditioning, body attack and yoga. I also swim several times a week.

The CTGF scheme encouraged me to go that bit further this month. I have been on some lovely weekend walks with my family and our neighbour’s gorgeous doggies Douggie and Mack.

During the recent Bank Holiday weekend we took the dogs on a 13 mile walk over the Downs and it wasn’t just the dogs who were worn out! The next day we walked from Birling Gap, via Beachy Head towards Eastbourne and back, took in the beautiful scenery and the sun even showed itself for a few hours!

I have also been battling the inclement British weather cycling to work each day (11 miles return). On several occasions when it was lashing it down I was so tempted to get in my car but didn’t give in and braved the wind and rain! Of this I am proud and will be attempting to keep this up.

So all in all a great month and I’m feeling great for it!


I thoroughly enjoyed CTGF again this year. As before, I made an effort to try new activities and enjoyed all of them. My favourites were quidditch (of course!) and ultimate Frisbee. I would have liked the opportunity to do a couple of quidditch sessions as the rules were quite complex but it was great fun as a taster.

Last year I was quite a new member of staff so it was a great way to build confidence and get to know my teammates better. This year I took a slightly different approach and really made an effort to get to know people from across the University. It’s been lovely to see familiar faces from earlier sessions and everyone is really supportive of each other. It’s a nice reminder of how great it is to work in such a friendly and diverse place. Thanks to Becky our captain for coordinating us and thanks to SussexSport for putting on a fantastic selection of activities.


I let the side down this May L too many meetings to go to. Boundary walk was great as always, and I carried on my usual walking activity and upped my running too. Really wanted to do the boundary run but it clashes with a committee. Becky has been a great team captain and I’ve been very impressed by our team doing Charleston and rock climbing, volleyball and Frisbee. I’m looking forward to Rounders on the 17th June.


Debbie (and husband, Melvyn)

This Commit to Get Fit' thing - I thought it was for the mistress only.  However it seems that I have written the blog.  perhaps I have been involved along with the Master.
Day 1 - taken to the Boundary Walk'. Easy Peasy - what do they take me for!   I am a Lurcher and this is a 'mere drop in the ocean'.  I could have easily tripled the distance if I had been allowed off my lead.  Instead we all had a mad half hour run afterwards.
Days 2 - 8 - completed my daily walks and runs over the Tye and Firle Bostal.  'Oh my' it was windy up there.  I completed 10 hours of walking/running along with the Master.  The Mistress only managed half of that as she has been suffering with 'Plantar Fasciitis' and wants to rest her foot for Wales.
Day 9 - what's this?  My belongings are going in the car - have they got fed up with me already.  After getting in and out of the car several times we finally arrive.  The space - a whole 28 acres.  Wales I hear, have we gone over the sea to another Country?  
Day 10 - Day 16 We are all treated to a regular walk every day with the resident dog Floss, which usually takes about 45 minutes.  On the Sunday my Master and Mistress took me off to off to a large park for 4 hours, where we walked through the local woods and down by the river.
On the Monday we went to the Gold Mines where the Mistress took me on an hour and a half walk prior to lunch, then followed by another 2 hour walk in the afternoon.
Tuesday - a trip to a local RSBP place where we walked and rock scrambled for over two and a half hours.   Followed by a further up the mountains.  Later we went into Llandovery followed by another walk. 
Wednesday - Laugherne - Dylan Thomas Country.  We walked around the village and went to see his boathouse. In the afternoon after a picnic by the river we went for another walk on the Pembrokeshire Coastal footpath for another 2 hours.
Thursday - a horrible day, so wet and windy.  However we did have a short stroll with Floss but in the afternoon we went to watch the Red Kites feeding.
Friday - off on another day trip to some castle or other.  Another 2 hours walking and admiring the wildlife and views.
Saturday - we travelled back to Sussex.  That's a County not a Country.
Sunday 17th - well that was a good walk over part of the South Downs Way and another 2 hours clocked up.
During the following week Monday - Friday, I clocked up many more hours walking although the Mistress only managed 2 hours as her foot was really painful.  However she turned to swimming on Tuesday instead 35 minutes - 35 lengths.  All this walking has increased her fitness so swimming lengths has improved.
But wait - they are disappearing again and this time without me!!
So I will let the Mistress fill this in.  Off we went to the Crick Music, Beer and Boat Festival.  I could have walked the M25 quicker than we drove it!  It took us longer to get to the Festival which is in the Rugby area than it did to go to Wales.  But eventually we arrived and spent the next few days walking around - about 11 hours in all.  I spent the rest of Monday and Tuesday recovering - or my foot did!!
Mm - I better have my regular walks during the week.
Well the dog is really fit and has enjoyed her experiences in Wales, rock climbing included!   
To date I have managed 30 hours of walking and 35 minutes of swimming. I was really pleased with being able to swim 35 lengths in 35 minuted. I have included the rock climbing in the walking.  Will I manage anymore?
Probably another hour, but I am trying to rest my foot for next week.
Hope you enjoy the photos.

Matt (blogger)

This year has been fun and hectic - with loads going on but not enough time to enjoy it all! The only disappointment was the cancelled sessions, as I have not had the opportunity to injure myself to the same extent as last year. On the whole, the team did really well and it certainly gave us something to discuss at the water cooler and look forward to upcoming events. Now time to start planning next year. I think our Schools' budget can accommodate a staff gym / sauna / hot tub.... can't it?

 Steve - Technical Services Manager

Here's the photo you've been waiting for:


Thanks, as always to SussexSport for putting on such a wonderful month of activities!

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