Dance Like an Egyptian and Sting Like a Bee



A (belated) Boxercise and Egyptian Dance update from MPS!

Due to a blog backlog, it has taken me ages to get these updates onto the blog!

Sarah, Dorothy and Naomi have some updates from their final activities during May (which thinking back, I can just about remember....)




Sally, Dorothy and I signed up for the Egyptian Dance class as between us we like dancing, learning new things and are will to try anything once – twice if we like it! ;-)

Our instructor was very calm and knowledgeable and the music was relaxing.

We learnt 3 styles of dance and all managed to pick up the little routines we were taught.  The last style was interesting as we had to lose ourselves and really let go.  This was tricky at first but we got the hang of it and afterwards we felt very relaxed and energised at the same time.

All in all a very enjoyable experience.


Despite my sparring partner not finishing her meeting until 10 minutes before the start of the class, we had a quick change and hurried over to the Sports Centre in time for our final boxercise session of CTGF May 2015.

Although we were already tired from the stresses of work and over 4 weeks of increased activity, and we felt like we couldn’t punch our way out of a wet paper bag, we managed to follow all of the moves and punched our way to the end of the session, albeit with a little less power than our fellow boxers!

The last part of the class involved one of us laying on a mat and repeatedly sitting up to punch the pads of our partner who was kneeling at our feet!  Again, us being by far the least fit of the group, this proved to be quite a challenge, especially as we couldn’t suppress the giggles.  We had only known each other for a few months but this brought our friendship to a new – and I might say, personal – level!!

Terry was, again, very supportive and encouraging and we think he was pleased with our efforts :-)  Well done us!



Cairo Capers (aka Walk/Dance/Clodhop like an Egyptian)

Other than my regular lunchtime walks in the woods, I have failed to sign up for any of the KTGF classes this time round (unfortunately, the day job seems to interfere with such things). I had thought about netball – possibly rosy-coloured memories of being a decent goal defence for the Convent of the Holy Child’s netball team more decades ago than a significant number of our School Office staff have been on the planet - but it was only on on a Monday and it takes a lot to shift me from my day off.

However, reassured by the fact that it was my yoga teacher taking the class, my friends Nefertiti, Cleopatra and I (the MPS Bangles) decided to try out Egyptian dancing and, whilst it served to reinforce how completely uncoordinated I am, I rather enjoyed it. It felt quite tribal and strong in parts and also very liberating but I hadn’t realised quite how much of your (well, mine anyway) body shook when you just let it go.




I spent the last week of Commit To Get Fit on holiday, firstly visiting my Grandma for a couple of days (so not much activity done during this time apart from a trip to Lidl!) and then back to Brighton to do a bit of touristy stuff. I managed to clock up quite a few miles over the last couple of days (time does fly when you’re having fun but I suspect those pints of beer helped to distract me from all the walking!). I had hoped to come in for the frisbee and Morris dancing on Friday but unfortunately the weather put paid to that idea and I ended up hiding in the pub instead.


Thanks to all for your patience! I did get them on the blog in the end!

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