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Sussex welcomes students to Open Day



On campus on Saturday to see our teams of students and staff welcome thousands of visitors to Sussex.  Weather glorious (like childhood summers, all our open days seem to be blessed with great weather).  Campus busy and buzzing as student tour guides lead potential students and parents hither and thither.  Look in on the subject desks on level 3 of Bramber and find it busy and academic colleagues happy.  Spot Vice-Chancellor and Deputy VC wandering round with smiling faces, which is always a good sign. Daniella who has lead the planning and preparation for the day calmy in charge - but with far away look in her eye.  Realise this is because she has radio mic earpiece linking in to the teams of staff and students across the campus and is monitoring all the chatter needed to keep the event running smoothly. Get some snaps on my phone inside and outside, and wander round some more.  Good day for Sussex once more!

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