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Another week down but definitely not out. All our team still peachy keen.

This week has seen an eclectic mix of activities from our CTGF participants, ranging from walks on the sea front to mindfulness meditation and Bhangra Aerobics. Our champion walker (Mike) has notched up 45 miles walking home avoiding the temptations of the many takeaways on the Lewes Road. Our people in the Placements team have just hot- footed it back from Bollywood dancing with tales of Sari waving (‘almost taking someone’s eye out’) and a demonstration of  a sophisticated move that even the most inflexible of us could master – hand-over-hand tumble.

Our leader, Jos, has gone one step further – no pun intended – and taken leave to go on a walking holiday in the Lake District. How’s that for commitment (to get fit)!

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Next time we're all off the the Lakes with you Jos!  thanks for the fudge - great for our motivation (and fitness?)

By Catherine on Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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