Sian's blog posts for September 2014

Confessions of a wannabe QC part 2



So, first week is drawing to a close and I would be a liar if I said I didn't want to make a voodoo doll out of Southern Rail. Between signalling problems, the suicidal and no where near enough carriages for peak time travel, I finally get what all the outrage is about every year when fees go up. I'm beginning to feel like a bona fide commuter. After the devastation of realising you can't take coffee into the library, I have taken the GDL room to become my new uni home, because we have a kettle, and a fridge and a toastie maker. Jealous much? New members of the course keep arriving in their dribs and drabs which is kinda nice, every day is a bit of a surprise in terms of who's gonna turn up next. My reflection on this week is of organised chaos, I'm quite impatient by nature and I want to stop feeling new and like I'm going everywhere with my tail between my legs (dog analogy again.) Getting onto the wifi was a mission... thank God for the IT department as I was coming close to throwing my phone down one of the many (very large) concrete staircases. I swear I am jinxed when it comes to tech, at my last uni it took them 3 days to get the bloody laptop working and of course they'd "never encountered as many difficulties as I'd had." Well, didn't I feel special? Right now I'm sitting in front of one of the law textbooks and frankly, it is the size of a small child and probably weighs every bit as much! I've decided there is no justice in the world if I don't have the physique of a supermodel by the end of this year, what with all of the stairs and the boulder books to carry... I am seriously hopeful for beach season next year! Postgrad life has got off to a flying start and, when I've processed all the information I've been bombraded with over the past few days, I'll get back to you. Over and out...

Confessions of a wannabe QC part 1



Ok, so it's day 2 here at Sussex... I'm not just lazy, I'm a postgrad and I live at home (back with the parents) so, there's less for me to do here- no moving in and buying posters and attending parties every night. I'm trying not to sound bitter... really. It feels a bit strange starting up somewhere new and then contrasting it with living back home, I'm not sure if I feel ancient or juvenile... this is going to take some figuring out. So, I'm sitting in the library, trying to concentrate on the seemingly impossible search and retrieve pre-seminar activity, honestly, it's like when a dog watches you throw a ball and then just sits there trying to work out what to do (in this scenario, I am the dog) and I'm struck by how quiet it is in here, not just study quite but kinda empty quiet, but I think that's just because I don't know anybody yet. At my last uni I lived in the library and it became like a refuge for the study-weary. We were like a little community held together by coffee and humour and, I miss that. I'm hoping to meet and get to know a few more people and have that again... working alone's a bit weird, I'm not the silent section type, I like a bit of commotion. I don't know who actually reads this, hopefully somebody will and I hope that if they do it doesn't come off too much like a desperate personal ad for friends!