Confessions of a wannabe QC part 1



Ok, so it's day 2 here at Sussex... I'm not just lazy, I'm a postgrad and I live at home (back with the parents) so, there's less for me to do here- no moving in and buying posters and attending parties every night. I'm trying not to sound bitter... really. It feels a bit strange starting up somewhere new and then contrasting it with living back home, I'm not sure if I feel ancient or juvenile... this is going to take some figuring out. So, I'm sitting in the library, trying to concentrate on the seemingly impossible search and retrieve pre-seminar activity, honestly, it's like when a dog watches you throw a ball and then just sits there trying to work out what to do (in this scenario, I am the dog) and I'm struck by how quiet it is in here, not just study quite but kinda empty quiet, but I think that's just because I don't know anybody yet. At my last uni I lived in the library and it became like a refuge for the study-weary. We were like a little community held together by coffee and humour and, I miss that. I'm hoping to meet and get to know a few more people and have that again... working alone's a bit weird, I'm not the silent section type, I like a bit of commotion. I don't know who actually reads this, hopefully somebody will and I hope that if they do it doesn't come off too much like a desperate personal ad for friends!

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This just came up on 'splash' I'm yet to work out what this is all about! But it's nice to know there are other new postgrads living at home out there! Hopefully it will get easier :) I'm missing the madness of my old uni too!! 

By Sasha on Thursday, September 18, 2014

There are many post grads here lol


I graduated in 2010 and miss the old much has changed in that period like the new jubilee building among others.


Be good to read some more of this blog cant wait ( i mean cant) for the long nights of study in the library in order to make the grade at this level.....


good luck to all the post grads who are really i suppose on the whole....making the final hurrah in higher education.....

By Matthew on Friday, September 19, 2014

I guess living homes has its pros and cons....No hustling for expences,rushinh home to cook ,shring house with strangers and daily routine intact,that can be seen as positive if one has travelled from far to be part of sussex...On the other hand meeting new friends,creating acquitancies,new habits,getting to understand,appreciate,learn new cultures are things one learn when living away from home...did i mention cooking,cleaning up,hustling for the extra pound,self management etc.....Both sides of the coin interesting and i belive before long you will have more friends than you need....I think everyone is scared if this new begining and our friendship skills being put to test...we shall survive all me..did i say trust me....look at whose talking..

By Edel on Saturday, October 11, 2014

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