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Confessions of a wannabe QC part 6



I feel as though I'm going up in the world. It's Monday evening, I'm staying late for Criminal Advocacy and, rather than a slightly sorry sounding tin of soup, this evening I got left over curry! Of course, I was worried about reheating it incase I poisoned myself, so it was cold leftover curry but still... I am taking this as a culinery victory! It is not even 5pm and I am shattered. Much as it was needed, my weekend trip back to my former home in the North has almost killed me. My liver is no longer equipped for drinking on that level ( I was introduced to the art of a 'straw-pedo' by a qualified barrister this weekend) but I was also accutely aware of feeling like the 'old bird' about town. I suppose being November and, pretty heavy on the deadlines, it makes sense that only the freshers were really out, but I felt really quite mumsy for a minute there as me and my 3 former housemates stood in the middle of the ocean dancefloor lamenting where the time had gone.

    The real reason I was up there was somewhere between networking, socialising and proving to the lot I left behind from our Bar Society that, contrary to popular belief, I hadn't died. I think they have a bet going on how many weeks it'll take for me to succumb to GDL induced death... or at least a nervous breakdown (that one's the runner up prize.) So, I proved myself... and quite smug I felt too. I was the only former committee member to attend, which, excusing those presently abroad, means I am not the most over-worked under-funned person from our generation of wannabes! I even managed to stand up rather convincingly to Nottingham's equivalent of Ant and Dec (only in legal Barrister world... not showbiz world) and was not mercilessly mocked by their smutty jokes and terrible innuendos all evening as I was at this event last year! But then, then people had to chat business didn't they? So, rule number one: I have to stop referring to anything remotely Bar-related as "scary" (eventhough it is more terrifying than an audition in front of Simon Cowell) it gives off the wrong vibe apparently. Coupled with this, I need to acquire more arrogance, but not on the level a man can get away with. Several young men that I have known through my work on the committee were mentioned in, less than complimentary terms so, I know the type to avoid. Rule three: apply for pupillage this year. That was the one I was most frightened of. I'm not putting it off deliberately, it's just... time is somewhat stretched to capacity at the moment and I'm not sure if there is space in this overloaded wardrobe for another outfit- however stunning or appealing. Pupillage applications are like the kind of dress that is incredible and you love it but, you know you're gonna have to go on atkins and stick to a rigid gym schedule just to squeeze your fat self into it. Worth it in the end but, you're gonna suffer hugely in the process. And, in the unlikely event you actually secure an interview well... that'll be like bootcamp. Not sure if I have the mental capability to process all that right now. In the words of Scarlett O'Hara: "I'll think about that tomorrow... tomorrow is another day."