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Confessions of a wannabe QC part 1



Ok, so it's day 2 here at Sussex... I'm not just lazy, I'm a postgrad and I live at home (back with the parents) so, there's less for me to do here- no moving in and buying posters and attending parties every night. I'm trying not to sound bitter... really. It feels a bit strange starting up somewhere new and then contrasting it with living back home, I'm not sure if I feel ancient or juvenile... this is going to take some figuring out. So, I'm sitting in the library, trying to concentrate on the seemingly impossible search and retrieve pre-seminar activity, honestly, it's like when a dog watches you throw a ball and then just sits there trying to work out what to do (in this scenario, I am the dog) and I'm struck by how quiet it is in here, not just study quite but kinda empty quiet, but I think that's just because I don't know anybody yet. At my last uni I lived in the library and it became like a refuge for the study-weary. We were like a little community held together by coffee and humour and, I miss that. I'm hoping to meet and get to know a few more people and have that again... working alone's a bit weird, I'm not the silent section type, I like a bit of commotion. I don't know who actually reads this, hopefully somebody will and I hope that if they do it doesn't come off too much like a desperate personal ad for friends!

Confessions of a wannabe QC part 9



Suddenly, things got very real. It's like someone just turned up the gas underneath the saucepan I call 'The Bar' and now, things are moving so fast. It's 2015, the holidays seemed to pass by in such a blur of revision and family crisis that I think I missed the last year pass away. Now, I'm back and in the middle of exams and hand ins and, I'm looking at the final stretch. We are half way through teaching... half the way through all the law I am actually going to learn and now I'm trying to remember it all and avoid failing the first set of exams. It's like sitting on an overfilled suitcase to get it closed and then then realising you've left an important outfit in the wardrobe! I wish I was Sherlock, or Sheldon or some other famous geek with the brain storage of a super computer.

   Additionally, because this is barrister life and it never rains but it pours, I have also had to submit my BPTC application this week. So firstly, like everything else in this strange parallel world, it costs a bomb. I don't see how UCAS can process the whole country's uni applications for £20 but it takes £58 for the BPTC? I smell a rip off here. And, I wouldn't mind so much, but the website has already crashed once this week... I was lucky to get the damn thing submitted! And, of course, there is never a human being to speak to when things go wrong- just some charming robotic interface in the form of a tech support email address. For people who supposedly spend their lives communicating, barristers go through much of it via bloody email!

   Ok, rant over. It is gone, I am "happy" and now I anxiously wait to see if any of my choices will actually like me enough to give me a place on the course. It's the next piece of the puzzle and officially my ticket out of Worthing so, no pressure. It's nice to be back in the GDL room. For starters, I know people here. Actually, they're pretty much the only people I do know on campus, but it's nice to work in company. Secondly, we have a kettle and central heating. Basic provisions I know but, for anyone who has spent any of the holidays in the library, you will understand what this means. I went in one day and there was an electrical fault with the heating which turned it into the ice palace, and I'm not talking about the pretty one from Frozen. I did not feel like Elsa let me assure you. Then, there were no cafe's open so, no coffee to combat the cold and fatigue. When we eventually located a vending machine for hot drinks, it was malfunctioning and producing everything milk-less. This is not an experience I am keen to repeat! Hurray for the GDL room... I have missed you!

Right, so I'd best stop procrastinating. Can't go to bar school if I fail and I have a hand in tomorrow- all the joys!