7 things that become very important at university



1. Sleep- so what if you used to get up at 6AM for sixth form and didn't get home till gone 4PM, uni time goes at a completely different pace. Even if one 9AM lecture is all that is timetabled for the day, chances of overcoming the level of unfair cosiness of your bed so early in the morning are slim.

2. The mantra "I did it last"- be it changing and taking the bin bag out, cleaning communal areas of the flat, or washing up, this mantra will follow you through the 3 years of your uni course, it's surprising how bitter you can get if you dare to have to take the bin bag out twice in a row..

3. The friend with a car- this relates particularly to second and third years, but having a friend who has a car at university can help so much. Avoiding public transport, walking and cycling is what you look forward to living the high life with a friend who keeps their can at uni.

4. Netflix- because there really is nothing that hinders your studies more than a good TV series, and if you have friends who use Netflix too then you have an endless supply of show recommendations. Really though, TV episodes are such a convenient length just to watch as a little break in studying, or to watch when you're cooking and eating dinner.

5. Fancy dress costumes- having a few staple fancy dress costumes will become so important at university. At uni, fancy dress isn't strictly reserved for Halloween, so even if you don't want to fork out on extravagant costumes, there is a lot to be done with face paint, a hawaiian shirt or fairy wings.

6. Home comforts- you really don't appreciate all the things at home until you're faced with living at university. When you want to wear a top that's creased to go out without the ability to iron and have three options: wear it and call it Boho, attempt to use hair straighteners or take it into the bathroom, have an insanely hot shower and hope the steam makes the creases drop. A tumbledrier is what you dream about when you're stuck in a bedroom with a conveyer belt of damp, smelly washing moving from wash basket to the radiator to the wardrobe.

7. Reduced sections- when food shopping, not only are offers and roll backs completely essential, but in desperate times, a slightly worse for wear packet of lame cous cous looks like a three-course dinner when looking at the price.

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