Awkward situations of university life



I've decided to pinpoint some awkward situations you really can't avoid at uni, both in lectures, when socialising and in your flat.

The first situation is where seminar teachers force you to announce an "interesting" fact about yourself to a group of complete strangers. Now this is fine if you're an international/mature/moderately outgoing student, but for the likes of me who prefers to sit in my pyjamas and watch Netflix, whose only social interaction is on a Wednesday at Pryzm, this is an excruciating experience. My only advice would be to ignore the reading and the work for the first seminars of term and make a spider diagram of mildly amusing anecdotes about your life/ your rites of passage gap year/ which society you've joined this year.

Another awkward situation on the academic side of things is when people turn up to lectures late. The room falls silent, everyone stops tapping on their Macbooks, the lecturer shoots a death stare at the latecomer. The worst part is that latecomers usually spy out the most difficult spot to sit, right in the middle of a row and makes others stand up as they slide in, all caught on the lecture recording..

Turning to the university's Co-Op now, another awkward situation is where you think you're being really sneaky bounding up the alcohol aisle with your shopping thinking you're going to jump the queue, before realising the queue actually begins over with the ready made sandwiches and you have to skulk alongside everyone else in the queue admitting defeat. If this is the case, avoid the Co-Op on the hour of every hour of the day to avoid the pain of joining the back of the queue.

Don't ever try and pay with any note larger than a fiver on a 25 bus out of uni, or face the wrath of a bus driver. Swanning up to the driver flapping a crisp £20 note about like you're JP from FreshMeat ready to buy a day rider will end up with you searching the queue to find some mates who are prepared to give you their perfectly selected change in exchange for you buying multiple tickets with your note.

Alcohol provides plenty of awkward situations at uni. Uni campuses are big enough to walk around without bumping into anyone that you know. But the day after the night before where you got the most drunk you ever have (usually the night after your student loan has come through) you're bound to wander into people whom you have no clue as to their names and who witnessed the events of the night before. First comes the awkward split second decision of whether to hold your head high and smile or avoid eye contact, usually getting your phone out and meticulously studying your Twitter homepage. Then comes the statement that every hungover student dreads: "You were so funny last night!" This quite clearly translates to "You were so embarrassing last night, everyone was laughing at you not with you". There's not a good way to avoid this situation as a student, my advice would be to go for the dive rather than holding your head high every time.

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